Can I set up multi-stage approvals?

Yes, you can choose to set up custom approvals where an expense report will be submitted and approved based on the reporting hierarchy of your organization. If you want to set up more than two stages of approval, you can set up a custom approval workflow. However, If your organization has a single or direct approval process, you can opt for the hierarchical approval option.

Custom approval is based on a level-based hierarchy, that is,the submitted report will first have to get approved by the Level one Approver, followed by the Level two Approver and so on.

To enable and create a new custom approval flow:

  1. Switch to Admin View.
  2. Click the icon in the top right corner.
  3. Navigate to Approvals under the entity for which you want to enable custom approvals. (For example, Settings > Reports > Approvals)
  4. Click Custom Approval. Click + New Custom Approval.
  5. Next, select any of the following approvers to configure an approval flow:
  • Submits To: It refers to the default approver of the user. It follows the reporting hierarchy in your organization.

  • Choose an approver manually: Select an approver manually from the existing users.

  • Project Head: This option is selected in case a particular report is associated with a project and needs the approval of the Project Head.

  • Project Heads of Expenses: It refers to the Project Heads of all the expenses in a report or a trip.

  • Department Head of the logged-in user: It refers to the Head of the Department to which the owner of the report belongs.

  • Department Head: Approver will be the Department Head of the department you choose.

  • Choose a Lookup Field: Approver will be the user selected in the lookup custom field you have chosen.
    You can remove an approval flow by clicking the (-) icon in the right corner of the flow.

  1. Click Save. Now, your approval flow has been created.

To set up hierarchical approval for trips, reports and advances:

  1. Switch to Admin View.
  2. Click the Gear icon in the top right corner.
  3. Navigate to Approvals under Automation.
  4. Select Trips, Advances or Reports. Configure Hierarchical Approval
  5. Select Hierarchical Approval and click Save. Configure Hierarchical Approval
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