Can a rejected record be approved later?

Yes, a rejected record can be approved later by simply clicking the Approve button. To approve a rejected record:

  1. Go to Approvals on the left sidebar.
  2. If you want to approve a rejected trip, navigate to the Trips tab.
  3. Similarly, to approved the rejected records, navigate to the respective tabs, namely, Trips, Reports, Advances, or Purchase Requests.
  4. Under the All filter dropdown at the top of the page, select Rejected. All the records that were rejected will be displayed.
  5. Verify the details of the record, and add comments, if necessary. The submitter will be notified about your comments and it will be shown to them.
  6. If you’ve reviewed the record, click Approve in the top right side of the page. The record will be approved and a notification will be sent to the submitter.
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