Can I schedule an analytic report to be generated at a particular time?

Admins can schedule the analytic reports to be generated automatically and sent to multiple users at a time. Admins can set the frequency at which the reports must be generated and select the users to whom the reports should be sent as an email.

To schedule an analytic report:

  1. Click Admin View
  2. Go to Analytics on the left sidebar
  3. Click the analytic report you want to schedule. Customize the report, if required.
  4. Click Schedule Report at the top right side of the page.
  5. Choose how frequently you want to generate and send the analytic reports.
  6. Provide a date and time at which you want to generate your first analytic report.
  7. Select the users to whom you want to send the scheduled analytic reports in the Email Recipients dropdown.
  8. In case you want to send these scheduled reports to people who are not a part of your Zoho Expense organization, enter their email addresses separated by commas in the Additional Recipients section.
  9. Choose the format in which you want your report to be attached to the email.
  10. Click Save to schedule the analytic report. The report will be sent to the selected users at the scheduled time.
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