Customize Chat Window

What Customizations I can do to the chat window?

What is a Proactive Chat? Is it possible to trigger a chat if only the visitor tracking is enabled on the website?

With proactive chat, you(operator) can deliberately initiate a chat to the visitors visiting the website from the Visitor Online dashboard. For instance, if you see a visitor on your website looking for something and if you wish to extend your help, then you can click on the customer info in the Visitor Online dashboard and initiate a chat immediately.

The proactive chat will work, even if you have only enabled visitor tracking (Not enabled Live Chat Widget) on your website.


The Live Chat window and the Proactive Chat window customization process remains the same. But, if you wish to customize the look and feel of your proactive chat window, you should navigate to Settings -> Websites -> Visitor Tracking -> Chat window.

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