Provide instant customer support
24/7, seamlessly from anywhere you are!



Lend your ears to your customers and show you value them.



Prolong the interest of new visitors on your site and engage them to further explore your website.



Use customer feedback to close gaps between their expectations and your offerings.



Build a strong value proposition and increase your customer base.

Works well with leading help desk software ticketing systems

  •  SalesIQ
  •  Salesforce Desk
  •  Vision
  •  Deskero
  •  Zendesk
  •  Happyfox
  •  Team Support
Plays well with leading e-commerce platforms

Make yourself approachable to customers

As a startup, you're a new kid on the block. Your prospects don't have many ways of knowing how credible you are or how safe your website is. Engaging in a live conversation with them can establish a personal touch and increase their trust and confidence in your brand.

Make yourself approachable to customers

Live chat = Retention = Loyal customers = Strong word-of-mouth

With a probability of 60-70%, it's much easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new one. With Zoho SalesIQ's live chat for startups, you can bond with your customers by interacting with them when they need you, offering quick, convenient support. Your loyal customers are the source of word-of-mouth marketing for your startup business.

Live chat Retention Loyal customers Strong word-of-mouth

Learn from your mistakes and improve customer satisfaction

96% of dissatisfied customers go unheard by businesses, only 4% voice complaints. Customers want to be heard; they want your attention. Give them a platform to put forth their concerns and provide an efficient two-way communication channel. Zoho SalesIQ helps you collect instant feedback from customers. Customer pain points teach you how you can become a better business.

Customers share their good experiences to an average of 9 people and tell 16 people about poor experiences. It's easier to gain a bad name over good. The only way to avoid a bad reputation is by improving product/service quality. Measure and analyse customer satisfaction levels using Zoho SalesIQ. Use feedback constructively to increase satisfaction levels.

Learn from your mistakes and improve customer satisfaction

Why choose Zoho SalesIQ for your startup?

Zoho SalesIQ is not just a live chat software.


Sustain visitor's interest in your site


Listen to your customers


Gain customer's confidence


Learn to improve, improve and improve


Build loyalty


Expand your horizons

Expand overseas!

Startups are no longer confined by geographical barriers. The language translation feature of Zoho SalesIQ's live chat can be used to respond to foreign customers in their native language. This can be highly appealing to your customers, and also can help expand your reach.

Expand overseas

Understand your customers' online behaviour

Change how you interact with your customers by gaining access to highly insightful reports on all your website visitors. Identify and prioritize your hot prospects so that you can close your most promising deals faster using live chat for startups.

Understand your customers' online behavior