Provide instant customer support, 24/7, seamlessly
from anywhere you are! 



Offer financial advice before they even ask for it.



Be available to customers and prospects 24/7 to render quick assistance.



Stand out from the competition by offering instant information on products of interest to the customer.

Works well with leading help desk software ticketing systems

  •  SalesIQ
  •  Salesforce Desk
  •  Vision
  •  Deskero
  •  Zendesk
  •  Happyfox
  •  Team Support
Plays well with leading e-commerce platforms

Reach out to customers drowning in financial jargon

"Deductible," "gap payment," "recovery plans," "exclusions"—customers often struggle to make heads or tails out of the language of finance. Use SalesIQ's website chat software to help them clearly understand products and procedures of the industry.

Live chat can help make new customers feel more comfortable making a first-time purchase

Talk it out

Traders from all across the globe use your site and it is not possible to have a toll-free number for every country. Making frequent international calls too can be tedious and expensive for you and for your clients. Give your clients free, speedy, and convenient customer service over a call with SalesIQ.

The SalesIQ financial live chat platform is optimized for your mobile site

Help customers choose the best

60% of millennial investors turn to human advisors for insights on future investments. SalesIQ's live chat is the ideal way to connect with customers seeking advice online. Match customers with the right financial products. Use the extensive customer data acquired through tracking website visitor activity to make the most of upselling opportunities.

Globally, e-tailers lose $3 trillion USD in sales every year from abandoned carts

Why SalesIQ for financial services?

Zoho SalesIQ is not just a live chat software.


Assist with self-service procedures


Simple to setup


Auto chat translation


Around-the-clock support


Easy chat departmentation


Offer expert advice on products

Offer self-service options.

Not all customers find it easy to follow automated procedures for online applications, forms, account opening, and transactions. Hassles in the process may lead them to abandon your site and seek competitors' services. Supplement self-service with live chat support to increase application completion and reduce abandonment rates.

Give your customers a reason to come back to you

Trigger-based notifications.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering extended service. Send instant notifications of favourable price changes in securities/instruments to customers who are online at the time and win their loyalty.

Catch your customer's attention with highly targeted chats

Discover the power of our forever free live chat software for financial services

Take advantage of our free live chat plan and upgrade only if necessary. Our forever free plan offers all essential features like 100 chat sessions/month, file sharing, voice note, departments, 30-day chat history, offline messaging, in-app chat, daily reports delivered to your inbox, mobile apps, plugins and extensions, and more! No hidden costs or requirement for credit card information unless you choose to purchase a higher plan.