Accelerate your business profits with Zoho SalesIQ's live chat for sales

Stay one step ahead with real-time visitor insights

Never miss a lead: Gain instant visibility into who's browsing your website with website visitor tracking. See the pages they visit, referral sources, location, and more.

Track website visitors in real time

Customize prospect rating rules to optimize sales efforts

With SalesIQ, you have the power to define specific lead scoring rules that align with your business's ideal buyer behavior. By setting these rules, SalesIQ automatically assigns scores to your website visitors based on their attributes, allowing you to prioritize your live chat sales efforts on prospects with the highest conversion potential.

Focus on live chat sales efforts with lead scoring

Automate lead capture with bots

Zobot—our enterprise-ready bot builder—lets you create custom chatbots that ask initial questions to qualify leads and add them to your CRM. They can also transfer sales live chats to the right staff member for further engagement, along with the data collected from the prospect, so the salesperson has all the context needed.

Automate lead generation with sales live chat software

Engage high-value prospects with automated and personalized messages

Set customized rules to automatically initiate conversations with high-value prospects on crucial pages, ensuring timely engagement and maximizing conversion opportunities. Utilize the live chat feature to send exclusive discount offers to loyal and valuable customers.

Nudge prospects to start a conversation with your sales team

Tap into your social media following

Grab every sales opportunity by enabling prospects and customers to chat with sales at any time, right from their preferred channels. Integrate your business's Facebook page, Instagram profile, and Telegram, LINE, WeChat and Whatsapp accounts with your live chat sales tool, and respond to all incoming messages—regardless of the source—from a single dashboard.

Integrate IM accounts with live chat sales tool

Learn more about your prospects

Unmask more details about your B2B contacts with our built-in AI-powered profile enrichment tool, for more personalized engagement. This includes the company name, size, location, industry, and social media profiles—and the technology the company already uses. SalesIQ also supports integrations with third-party data provider and enrichment tools like Clearbit and Leadberry.

You can easily push these details from your sales chat software to their respective fields.

Push company details from sales chat software to CRM

Route visitors to different sales staff members

Set filters so each team member can only view website visitors belonging to their target group. You can route visitors based on parameters like traffic source, campaign, location, browser used, lead stage and score, visitor type, and more.

Route visitors to different sales staff members

Enable self-service with articles

Add answers to FAQs regarding purchase and product specifications as articles that visitors can access right from the in-app chat. This frees your team from answering repetitive questions, so they can focus on prospects that require more effort to convert.

Provide self-service options to free up your sales team

Add live chat to multiple websites

If you have several websites dedicated to different products you provide, Zoho SalesIQ lets you add live chat to multiple websites and domains—and manage them all from a single, organized dashboard.

Add sales live chat to multiple websites

Plug SalesIQ into your WordPress blogs

When it comes to sales, leave no stone unturned. Nurture your readers and subscribers with our live chat plugin for WordPress.

Live chat plugin for WordPress
Live chat plugin for WordPress

Prepare your team to sell

Zoho SalesIQ lets you monitor team member sales live chats to find their strong and weak points, and provide suggestions in real time with internal chat, helping them convert more prospects. You can also announce ongoing offers and changes in business policy to your team using the message board.

Transfer sales live chats easily
Monitor team member sales live chats

Add sales live chat to your email signature

Live chat is a gateway for prospects to contact you. Add a "chat with sales" button to email signatures when you send out campaigns, so you don't miss out on even the most remote chances of achieving a sale.

Sales live chat to your email signature

Tap into your mobile traffic

With mobile apps being our default search tool, sales professionals can't afford to neglect them. Extend all the benefits of Zoho SalesIQ to your mobile app with Mobilisten—our mobile SDK for iOS, Android, and React Native. It also lets you send push notifications or add in-app chat messages to nudge customers to complete a purchase or even send a voucher code to boost purchases.

 In-app live chat for sales team

Integrate Zoho SalesIQ with your entire tech stack

Zoho SalesIQ has a wide array of integrations to let your apps exchange data seamlessly and work as one unified system, so you can focus on selling instead of wasting time collating data from different tools.




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    Campaign Monitor


    Get Response





More Integrations

Never miss a sales opportunity

In sales, every deal signed is a step closer to meeting your targets. Zoho SalesIQ's live chat mobile app for iOS and Android gives you alerts based on your preferences, so you can stay connected without notification overload and even close deals while on the go.

 In-app live chat for sales team
 In-app live chat for sales team
Sales opportunity

Give your team that extra motivation

Get a live feed of your website’s visitors, customer behavior, popular pages on your site, top-performing business departments, and more, as easy-to-read graphs, charts, and tables on your TV screen, with our Apple TV app.

 Live chat dashboards to motivate sales team

Build brand loyalty for repeat sales

It's five times easier and more economical to sell to existing customers than acquiring new ones. Provide outstanding after-sales live chat customer service to build brand loyalty and get repeat customers.

Provide after-sales live chat customer service

Start off with our free live chat

Give your sales a boost at no cost with our forever free live chat , covering all the basic features businesses look for like 100 chats/month, visitor tracking, mobile apps, plugins and extensions, in-app chat, and more. Absolutely no hidden charges and no credit card details needed.

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Frequently asked questions?

What is live chat sales software?

Live chat sales software is a platform that lets businesses nurture prospects on their website or social media channels in real time, through every stage of the sales cycle, and convert them to paying customers.

Key features of live chat software for sales teams

Some of the key features to look for in sales chat software are:

  • Lead scoring
  • Proactive chat invite
  • Instant messaging channels
  • Real-time chat translation
  • Chat routing and queuing
  • AI and guided chatbots
  • In-chat knowledge base
  • Productivity enhancers, like canned responses and typing preview
  • Voice note and audio call
  • Integration with CRM, email campaign, and data provider and enrichment software
  • Live chat mobile app
  • Mobile SDK

Benefits of live chat sales software

Live chat sales software serves the following benefits:

  • Helps you identify bottlenecks on your website and discover customer pain points
  • Automates lead generation and qualification
  • Proactive chat invite on high-intent pages increases the chance of conversion
  • Reduces cart abandonment and helps increase average order value
  • Helps effective customer onboarding and upselling
  • Provides context (older conversations and prospect/customer details) for customer communication
  • Lets you build rapport with customers for customer advocacy
  • Lowers your customer acquisition costs
  • Gives you an edge over competitors
  • Provides a clear idea of customer expectations and the gaps in your offering
  • Enables global sales with real-time chat translation

How to choose the best live chat for sales?

Here's a list of the major criteria you should consider when choosing a live chat for sales:

  • The size of your customer base, target, and your live chat team strength
  • Ease of use and learning time needed
    • If you have a large team focusing on each location or product, make sure the live chat software lets you create departments and route incoming chats to the right agents.
    • If your customer base is huge and you don't have the team strength, choose live chat software that has chatbot builders with AI functionality.
    • If your customer base is spread across the globe, look for live chat software with real-time translation.
    • If your target audience are heavy social media users, look for sales chat software that supports instant messaging and social media channels.
  • Customizability
  • Integrability with your CRM, campaign, and inventory software, and everything else in your tech stack
  • Availability of a mobile SDK and an agent mobile app
  • Budget

How to use live chat for sales?

Live chat can be a powerful tool for sales, as it allows the sales representative to interact with potential customers in real-time and address their needs or concerns immediately.

Here are some ways for sales team to use live chat effectively:

  • Promptly greet visitors: Make sure to greet the website visitors with a friendly message. This will help them feel welcomed and encourage them to engage with your brand.
  • Be available: Make sure your live chat feature is staffed during business hours, and that customers know when they can expect a response. If you're unable to staff 24/7, consider using an conversational AI chatbot to answer basic queries and collect contact information.
  • Personalize your responses: Take the time to personalize your responses to each customer. Use their name, reference their previous interactions with your brand, and tailor your responses to their specific needs.
  • Ask open-ended questions: Ask open-ended questions to encourage customers to engage with your brand and provide you with more information about their needs. This will help you better understand how you can help them and provide more targeted recommendations.
  • Provide value: Use live chat as an opportunity to provide value to your customers. Offer personalized recommendations, provide helpful resources or links, and share your expertise to help them make informed decisions.
  • Follow up: After a chat conversation, make sure to follow up with the customer via email or phone to continue the conversation and provide any additional support they may need.

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