Start conversations at will

Track a visitor from the moment they enter your site. Identify sales-ready leads by defining your own qualifiers, using our website live chat software. Initiate a real-time conversation with them at any point by setting up automatic triggers. Again! a feature of our live chat platform.

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Online Livechat Software for Website - Zoho SalesIQ

Answer before they ask

Make it easier for your visitors to find what they want, by making it available in your website live chat window. Use our in-chat knowledge base to embed links to popular items like FAQs, articles, and anything else they might look for, inside your live chat template.

Trusted by leading brands:

  • Euro pacific
  • Suzuki
  • Sodexo
  • Queensland
  • Apollo
  • Mahindra
  • Renault
  • Bindo

Support all-weather

Set up an offline agent to handle questions when your staff isn't around to help. Our live chat software provides you with multiple options to build a customized chatbot that'll cater to every requirement of yours.


    Say hi to your leads


    Close big deals


    Engage proactively


    Answer customers 24/7

Livechat Website Software - Zoho SalesIQ
Live Chat Support Software - Zoho SalesIQ

Make your own chat window

Don't like the default live chat template for website? Just scrap it and build your own. You can also personalize the live chat widget to suit your branding by adding your own logo, headshots, and even greet your visitors with a customized welcome in their native language.

Hello, mobile

"Can Live Chat work in my mobile app? Yes! It can". Mobilisten—our live chat mobile software development kit(SDK) —makes it easy to connect with your mobile visitors. Also use the SalesIQ's mobile live chat app to track and engage with visitors from anywhere.

Real Time Online Chat App for Android & iOS devices – Zoho SalesIQ

Integrate anything

While having a live chat with website visitors or app users, there might be situations like "I want to make a better case using this particular data" or "How do I enter a lead into CRM from the chat window itself?" Integrate SalesIQ with any enterprise application you're currently using. You can plug all the data you want, in and out of the live chat window anytime.

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Keep track of what matters

Customer Support is definitely not a walk in the park. Especially, if your support staff is relatively new. Factoring this, Our enterprise live chat software lets you coach your support team by monitoring every conversation you deem important. You can also get a bird's eye view of your entire team or organization's performance using our easy-to-use live chat monitoring dashboard. We won't let you skip a beat on everything that matters to you.

Live Chat Real-Time Reports – Zoho SalesIQ
Live Chat Real-Time Reports – Zoho SalesIQ

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