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GDPR QUIZ: 13 Questions Every Marketer Should Answer

What is GDPR? Why GDPR? Who will be affected by GDPR? No doubt you have already started answering these questions. But have you tried to...

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How to Engage with Prospects and Customers to Optimize Conversion and Retention

The goal of every marketing and sales team is to guide their target audience through each stage of this funnel. But how does one go from...

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Infographic: Live Chat Software Performance Stats – 2018

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Introducing in-chat help articles and chat routing in Zoho SalesIQ

How often do you have to repeat what can otherwise be found in your knowledge base? A hundred times a day? Maybe more? How often...

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Customer Engagement In Retail: Online vs Offline

Engaging customers has always been a challenge for businesses, and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon. The dynamic nature of consumer behavior and...

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How to choose the ultimate sales and support tool for your business

The problem: Every customer wants personalised engagement, while every business wants a cost-effective means of engagement. How do you find the middle ground?  Live chat is the...

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Announcing SalesIQ’s integration with Sundown: Meet the unparalleled AI assistant for your website

Have you ever worried about the customers you may be losing in your off-hours? What would it be like if you could hire someone to take...

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Introducing elegant chat widgets, screensharing and more in SalesIQ

If you don’t adapt, you won’t endure. Zoho SalesIQ strives to endure, and we’ve just added a lot of new and exciting features (Pssst…there’s more big stuff coming soon). Some of the important changes...

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16 insanely effective lead magnet ideas to convert visitors to leads 

96% of visitors coming to your website are not ready to purchase on their first visit.  If you want to convert them to leads, you will need to convince...

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18 Pro Tips to Growth Hack your E-commerce Business

It wasn’t so long ago, in 2010, when Sean Ellis coined the term “growth hacking.” He was the man most companies in the Silicon Valley turned...

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