Boost your Customer Engagement with Channels in Zoho SalesIQ

The average customer learns about your business from a variety of sources, ranging from print and digital ads to social media to your website. So why limit how they contact you to just one medium? Give your customers the convenience of chatting with your business from the interface they know best.

Zoho SalesIQ supports multiple channels, so your prospects and customers can instantly reach you right from their favorite apps!

This lets your marketing team plan their strategy and target audiences using these channels; your sales team track leads from these apps, interact, and close deals much faster; and your support team provide instant resolution to your customers.

Bring all your communication under one roof and answer all the messages from these different channels right from SalesIQ.

Let’s take a look at them in detail!

Website Live Chat

Cover your homebase

Your website is the first impression a person gets about your online presence. However, even a beautifully crafted site won’t convert your online audience into customers if it doesn’t have a way for them to connect with you!

SalesIQ’s powerful live chat is exactly what you need to bridge this gap. You can customize the live chat messenger to your heart’s content and place it on your website with a simple copy-paste to give your prospects an excellent way to reach you.

Mobile SDK

Your mobile’s best friend

In the digital era where everything is optimized for your mobile, why shouldn’t customer engagement also be? Take your mobile app to the next level with Mobilisten—our mobile SDK for your app.

Just integrate Mobilisten with your application to enjoy all the benefits of SalesIQ and connect with your customers and prospects anywhere and anytime right from your smartphones and tablets.

Facebook Messenger

Interact quickly and easily

How many times have you heard “Are you on Facebook?” from people you’ve talked to? Take advantage of the largest networking software—over 2 billion daily active users—to broaden your market reach while also being a reliable source for people to reach out to you.

SalesIQ now makes it easy for your Facebook followers to directly chat with your business via the Facebook Messenger integration. Set up Facebook Messenger as a channel in SalesIQ to let your customers connect with you through it. Your agents can then respond to those Facebook messages from the comfort of a single dashboard in SalesIQ.


Chat it up

Nothing beats the comfort of a quick conversation over a familiar chat messenger app. Set up and customize a Telegram bot from SalesIQ and give your customers one more outlet to contact you.

Your customers on Telegram can contact you directly from the app instead of searching for your website. Close the distance one app at a time 🙂

While we are coming up with more channels, try these out and let us know your feedback in the comments below 🙂

4 Replies to “Boost your Customer Engagement with Channels in Zoho SalesIQ”

    1. Hey Stephen,

      I have exciting news for you! Zoho SalesIQ’s Whatsapp integration is arriving pretty soon and will be available for beta access to users on an on-demand basis. Hope this helps 🙂

    1. Hi Rhett,

      Thank you for your interest, we’re excited to let you know that this is already on our pipeline! We’ll update you once it’s ready! Keep using Zoho SalesIQ 🙂

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