Provide instant, seamless customer support
24/7 from anywhere you are!



Provide support on-the-go and be there for your customer 24/7.



Pre-qualify your prospects' preferences and reach out with information tailored to suit their requirements.



Upgrade your knowledge base with real-time input on peak traffic times and frequently visited pages to know your customer better.

Plays well with leading help desk software ticketing systems

  •  Zoho SalesIQ
  •  Salesforce Desk
  •  Vision
  •  Deskero
  •  Zendesk
  •  Happyfox
  •  Team Support
Plays well with leading e-commerce platforms

Research suggests that it takes only 46 seconds to solve a customer’s problem through live chat.

Unlike cumbersome telephone interactions, live chat ensures that your customers have instantaneous responses. Access and operate multiple chat windows, and provide automated responses for FAQs.

Research suggests that it takes only 46 seconds to solve a customer’s problem through live chat.

Increase buyer-dealer transparency by providing relevant information

Provide your customers with property listings and suggestions tailored to suit their needs. Use your live chat software to make yourself available every step of the way.

Increase buyer-dealer transparency by providing relevant information

Schedule Site Visits Effortlessly

Engage with customers as soon as they are on your property page. Interact with them on their time and schedule site visits online.

Schedule Site Visits Effortlessly

Why SalesIQ for your real estate site?

Zoho SalesIQ is not just a live chat software.


Sustain customer interest


Identify and score potential leads


Provide new listings on-the-go


Share pictures of property listings instantly


Schedule appraisals and inspections

Simplified Business Processes

Zoho SalesIQ provides real estate agents and brokers with a live platform to interact with prospective buyers. Open up e-communication channels, simplify business processes, and set up appointments with the click of a button.

Simplified Business Processes

Expert Opinion

Bring your customers up to speed by having industry experts answer their questions. Use live chat software for real estate to assure them that their queries regarding licensing, contracts, agreements and listings will be addressed by qualified consultants.

Expert Opinion

Lead Scoring

Qualify leads as hot or warm prospects through your live chat software. Gauge website visitors by analyzing time spent on the site and the number of clicks on certain pages. Chat with prospective clients and learn how serious they are about using your services.

Lead Scoring

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