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So when we say free live chat software, is there a catch? Absolutely not!


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What can you do with SalesIQ's free live chat software?


Assist with context

Get relevant details of visitors and customers you're talking to like location, device details, and the pages they viewed to provide relevant, personalized solutions.


Go beyond plain, old text messages

Visitors and live chat agents can share media files like screenshots, videos, or even voice notes instead of typing out long paragraphs to explain the problem or solution.


Preview messages as customers type

See what your customer is typing in their live chat window in real time to get a head start in analyzing the problem and coming up with a solution.


Save time with canned responses

Have responses to common live chat queries ready at your fingertips. Save frequent replies, personalize them, and use them to respond to customers in a click.


Stay updated on your team's performance

Our free live chat app comes with detailed reports. Get a daily lowdown on your live chat team's performance, the chat influx, website traffic, and more delivered right to your inbox.


Provide reliable support with offline messaging

While it's not practical for growing businesses to hire agents for 24/7 live chat support, unattended chats frustrate customers. Set an offline message when your team is unavailable, so customers know they'll get responses when you're back online.

Stay connected while on the go

Get live notifications and interact with prospects and customers at any time using our free live chat app available for Android and iOS.

Stay connected while on the go                

Free live chat software that works with major content management systems and ecommerce platforms

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The Zoho advantage: An integrated business suite

If you've made it this far, your goal is clear—accelerated business growth! We have just the thing high-growth companies look for: A tightly integrated business suite with our own remote support, CRM, help desk, and email campaign tools perfectly synced and working well with our free live chat software.

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See what customers have to say about our free website live chat software

"With Zoho SalesIQ, we are able to interact with our website visitors, understand what they are looking for, and explain how we can assist them. This has helped us create an impact. Kudos to the Zoho SalesIQ team!"

Prabhanshu Tripathi, Co-founder | HumanOurce

"Many of our customers and shareholders wouldn't be with us if we didn't have SalesIQ. It helped us gain our customers' trust, and we cannot put a price on that contribution."

Jorge Gonzalez, CFO | Borner Corporation

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  • ★★★★★ 4.5 / 5

Free and secure live chat software

With clearly defined role-based user permissions, two-factor authentication, encryption, and audit logs provided to portal administrators upon request, SalesIQ prevents data leaks and ensures only the right people in your organization have access to your data. All your chat transcripts, audio call and screen share recordings, file attachments, and third-party integration tokens are encrypted at rest.

Furthermore, Zoho SalesIQ is GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Free and secure live chat software for websites  

Live chat software that scales with you

Every business faces growing pains, but we can assure you that live chat or customer engagement won't be one.

Start with our free live chat software for websites and mobile apps and scale up as your business expands.

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Free live chat app for growing businesses
Free live chat software for growing businesses

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Frequently asked questions

Why do businesses need live chat software?  

Prospects and customers are used to immediate assistance and expect it with every business interaction. Live chat is the quickest and most convenient way for visitors to reach you with minimal response and resolution times.

A live chat software is also an essential lead capture machine. It gives you first-hand knowledge of prospects' and customers' needs and preferences and even boosts the conversion of prospects to paying customers.

How do you benefit from our free live chat app?  

Our free live chat app comes with all the features a business needs.

With SalesIQ's free live chat software, your customers can contact you at the exact time they need help or have a concern, thereby, preventing cart abandonment.

Another benefit of having live chat on your website or app is that it makes you more approachable in the minds of customers and reduces their risk perception.

With our free live chat on your website, you can handle dissatisfied or angry customers in a private medium without them causing an unintended blow to your brand through social media. It also reduces support call volumes which, in turn, reduces your overall costs. Time savers like canned responses and typing preview improve agent efficiency and reduce fatigue.

While live chat's main benefits are related to improved customer experiences, they can also help with website analytics. With live chat on your website, you'll be able to identify bottlenecks and ambiguities and fix them quickly.

To top it all, our free live chat software gives you daily reports to help you improve your live chat operation and prepare better for the chat volume you get.

Is Zoho SalesIQ's free live chat software secure?  

Yes, we believe that security shouldn't be a money-making aspect. Zoho SalesIQ extends the security of all the paid plans to free live chat software as well.

All your data in SalesIQ (chat transcripts, audio call and screen share recordings, file attachments, and third-party integration tokens) are encrypted at rest to prevent data leaks.

To comply with HIPAA, audit logs of all ePHI (electronic protected health information) will be provided to portal administrators upon request. SalesIQ is GDPR compliant and also helps you comply with GDPR.

You can also enable two-factor authentication and set role-based user permissions to ensure only the right people in your organization have access to your customer data.

Have more questions on security? Here's all you need to know about Zoho SalesIQ's data security and privacy.