Maximize productivity.
Let AI handle the mundane stuff.

  • Summarize and review conversations with ease
  • Add life to your language
  • Segment chats automatically

Understand chat context quickly

Conversation summary

Admins/supervisors don't have to read the entire chat transcript to understand the conversation between operators and customers. Conversation summary saves them time by quickly creating a summary to review/understand the crux of the conversation. Operators, too, can create summaries for quick review and follow-up.

Summarize conversations with ChatGPT integration

Maintain language quality and tone

Writing assistant

Your support teams can maintain high language quality and uniform tone with customers with SalesIQ's writing assistant at their disposal. AI checks for phrasing structure, grammatical errors, and potentially insensitive tones and suggests better alternatives.

Language quality and tone with GenAI integration

Generate tags in a wink

Tags generation

No need to manually create tags anymore. Once the chat is closed, AI generates tags based on the content of the conversation and gives suggestions to assign.

Generate tags automatically with ChatGPT integration

Say AI for increased productivity with Zoho SalesIQ