Provide instant, seamless customer support
24/7 from anywhere you are!



Engage with your customers to earn their trust and build your brand's credibility.



Assist your customers through the purchase, address their questions and problems immediately and guide them to checkout.



Monitor and understand your customers' behavior to improve your website and service.

Plays well with leading e-commerce platforms

  •  SalesIQ
  •  Magento
  •  Bigcommerce
  •  Opencart
  •  Squarespace
  •  3dcart
  •  Volusion
Plays well with leading e-commerce platforms

Reassure new customers about your brand.

Ninety percent of new customers to a website say they are often skeptical about security when purchasing for the first time. Nearly 50% of customers have abandoned a purchase for reasons relating to security. Interacting with a real person before making a purchase eases their concerns. Live chat agents can guide customers through the purchase and address questions about security.

Live chat can help make new customers feel more comfortable making a first-time purchase

Optimized for mobile ecommerce sites.

Mobile traffic accounts for more visits to your site than any other source, a whopping 52%. In spite of mobile having maximum traffic, it only contributes to 29% of online sales. SalesIQ ecommerce chat software works seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop versions of your site.

The SalesIQ ecommerce live chat platform is optimized for your mobile site

Reduce cart abandonment with timely intervention.

Globally, e-tailers lose $3 trillion USD in sales every year from abandoned carts. Almost 68% of consumers abandon their shopping carts after adding one or more products. Some of the reasons cited for cart abandonment include complicated website navigation and concerns about payment security. Losing customers this way can be avoided if support agents pitch in to help out on the checkout page using ecommerce live chat support.

Globally, e-tailers lose $3 trillion USD in sales every year from abandoned carts

Why SalesIQ for your e-commerce site?

Zoho SalesIQ is not just a live chat software.


Smooth shopping experience


Targeted engagement


Reduced cart abandonment


Seamless mobile chat


Customer data analytics


Heightened customer trust

Give your customers a reason to come back to you.

Customer experience is as important as the product itself. A convenient shopping experience with live assistance from support teams not only facilitates purchases but also builds customer loyalty. 63% of customers are more likely to return to a website that offers livechat and 62% are likely to purchase again from such a website.

Give your customers a reason to come back to you

Catch your customers' attention with highly targeted chats.

Have conversations that are relevant to your customers by tracking the pages they have visited, the page they're on and the time they have spent on the site using SalesIQ ecommerce live chat platform. Provide your guidance on the product they are looking at. Customers are more receptive to chats that address their immediate queries and issues.

Catch your customer's attention with highly targeted chats

Gather data on customer behavior.

Knowing how customers use your website is key to improving their experience with it. SalesIQ, live chat for ecommerce website lets you track visitors' footprints which is useful to identify webpages with high and low engagement rates. Get useful information about visitor activity to find out what's working—or what isn't.

Gather data on customer behavior