Canned Responses

Canned Responses

With Canned Responses, you can pre-program the common responses, solutions, links, etc. With which, you get the ability to handle support requests in less time, which in turn save both you and your customers valuable time.

Instead of continually typing out the same steps, instructions or links to help your customers handle common issues, build an organized repository of the answers you need, and with them always right at your fingertips you are a few clicks away from deploying the perfect solution. Without all the typing.

Save time, work smarter, and deliver the perfect answer to your customers. Canned Responses are ready to be your secret weapon! 


  • Canned Responses is available for Basic, Professional and Enterprise plans. Also the 15-day Trial users of Zoho SalesIQ can avail, but the section and the changes will be automatically removed when the trial switch to free plan.

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