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Canned Messages

Zoho SalesIQ to give your team the tools it needs to deliver better, more personal customer support to your customers quicker. 

Because of the on-demand nature of live support chat, you have the ability to handle support requests in less time, and give customers the answers they need.

To give you even more turbo-charged power, we designed Canned Messages, to allow you to pre-program common responses, solutions, links, etc. so you can save both you and your customers valuable time.

Instead of continually typing out the same steps, instructions or links to help your customers handle common issues, build an organized repository of the answers you need, and with them always right at your fingertips you are a few clicks away from deploying the perfect solution. Without all the typing.

Save time, work smarter, and deliver the perfect answer to your customers. Canned Responses are ready to be your secret weapon.

How to Create and Edit Canned Messages?

Creating a new canned message:

  • Select the "Canned Messages".
  • In the Messages section, click on the "Add" button.

  • Type the desired content of your new canned message in the "Compose Message" box.
  • Choose which department you want to associate the message with or choose All Departments for a general canned message you wish to use that isn't department specific.
  • Add a category or choose an existing Canned Message category, to organize it for easy use by your agents.
  • Click "Save" to create your new Canned Message.

Editing an existing canned message

  • Select the "Canned Messages".
  • In the Messages section, hover over the name of the Canned Message you would like to edit, and then click the icon to the left of the message name, and click on the "Edit" button from the drop-down menu that appears. You can also click the name of the Canned Message you would like to edit, and click Edit on the top right of the Canned Message details page.

  • From here you can change the message, which department it is associated with, or if it is for all departments, and what Canned Message Category it belongs to.
  • You can even add a new Canned Message Category directly from here,  by clicking Add new category. Then enter the name of your desired category, and hit Enter to save all your changes.
  • Click "Update".

Deleting a canned message

To delete a canned message:

  • Go to Canned Message.
  • In the Messages tab, the list of added canned message will be listed. click on the canned message you would like to delete. Then click on the Delete button in the left corner.
  • A message will be displayed asking if you are sure you want to delete this canned message, Click OK to delete.

Organizing Canned Messages

We designed canned messages to save your agents time while chatting with customers, but even if you program an arsenal of helpful replies and instructions in, if the messages are not organized, your agents will be slowed and frustrated trying to find their intended canned message.

To prevent this frustration, and to get the most out of your canned messages, use Zoho SalesIQ’s powerful organizational features to catalogue and order all of your canned messages into a lean, mean, time-saving machine.

Create categories inside your Zoho SalesIQ, and then create and place Canned Messages into their correct destinations, so while your agents are in the midst of multiple live chats, they can navigate and find the canned messages they need, and deploy them quickly.

Adding a new canned message category

To add a new category:

  • Click "Canned Messages".
  • In the "Categories" section, click "Add" canned Category to add your first category, or the "+Add" button at the top right if you have already created a category.
  • Enter the category’s new name and click "Add".
  • This will create your new category.

Associating a newly created canned message to a category

  • Click "Canned Messages".
  • In the Messages section, click Add Canned Message.

  • Add a category or choose an existing Canned Message category, to organize it for easy use by your agents.
  • Click "Save".

Changing the category for existing canned message

  • Click "Canned Messages".
  • In the Messages section, click the name of the message you want to add to a new category or change categories.
  • Click "Edit".

  • Under the Choose Category section, click the drop-down menu and select the category you wish to add the message to.
  • Click "Update", to save your changes.

Using Canned Messages During chat

Now that you have crafted some useful canned messages, you need to start using them in chats with customers to save your valuable time.

We gave you quick access to your canned messages, directly above the text window, just to the right of your text formatting buttons. While chatting with a customer, and they send you a message asking you a common question, for example: “How do I reset my password.” You see the message, click Canned Messages knowing your Zoho SalesIQ has a password reset message already saved, and then you start typing “password reset,” which brings up your desired message in a flash.

Click the desired message to load it into your text-entry window, and hit Enter to send it to your customer.

  • In the view window of a chat, click the "Canned Messages" button, just to the right of the text formatting buttons.
  • Start typing the subject you want to find your canned message for.
  • Once you have located your desired message, click the message to load it into your entry window.
  • Click "Enter" to send your customer the message.

Using autocomplete in Canned Messages

Zoho SalesIQ provides shortcuts for the agents using canned messages. These are handy during the live chat session.  It can be used for replying a live chat session or while initiating a proactive chat with your website visitor.

Just type "#" followed by your text in the chat window and see the system suggests canned messages for the text you type. Hit "enter" to select or press "Esc" to ignore the system suggestion.

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