Using the Canned responses During chat

How do I effectively use the Canned responses During chat?

Now that you have crafted some useful canned messages, you need to start using them in chats with customers to save your valuable time. We gave you quick access to your canned messages, directly above the text window, just to the right of your text formatting buttons. While chatting with a customer, and they send you a message asking you a common question, for example: “How do I return the product.” Knowing that the returning procedure is already saved, you can access canned response by:

  • Clicking  the Canned Messages button in  the view window of a chat, and start typing the subject you want to find your canned message for. Click the desired message to load it into your text-entry window, and hit Enter to send it to your customer.
  • You can also type # followed by your text in the chat window and see the system suggests canned messages for the text you type. Hit Enter to select or press Esc to ignore the system suggestion.
  • You cannot manually sort the canned response since it appears contexually and auto-complete when you type # followed by the desired text. But, the canned responses are automatically sorted either by 'Number of chats in which the particular canned response was used' or 'the Last Used resposnse' (Ascending or Descending.)

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