Switch from GoDaddy Email to Zoho Mail

Switching from GoDaddy Email to Zoho Mail can be done easily in a few steps. This transition guide will help you navigate and explore the features of Zoho Mail.


Zoho Mail User Guide

  • Get started with Zoho Mail
  • Features you'll enjoy in Zoho Mail
    • Streams
    • Integrated Calendar, Tasks and Notes
    • Email sharing
    • S/ MIME
    • Email retention and eDiscovery
    • eWidget
    • Control Panel
  • Compare GoDaddy Email and Zoho Mail features

Get started with Zoho Mail

Log in to Zoho Mail using your Zoho Account email address and password. If you haven't tried Zoho Mail, create your Zoho Account now to enjoy a seamless and secure email experience. Read on to know why Zoho Mail is the better alternative business email for Godaddy Email.

Features You'll Enjoy in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail offers numerous helpful features that not only give you a smooth and seamless email experience but also help you collaborate with your team and streamline your workflows. Here are some of the significant features you can explore:


Streams help you collaborate with your coworkers in an effective way. Simply create a post in a Streams group to get your message across, tag your teammates to notify them in specific posts, assign tasks, and create events in the same view. Explore streams in Zoho Mail

Integrated Calendar, Tasks, and Notes

Apart from being the best communication tool, Zoho Mail is also an excellent productivity tool. The integrated Calendar, Tasks, and Notes applications help you stay on track in your schedule and collaborate better with your team.

Email Sharing

Whether you're composing an email draft or want input on an email you sent or received, share it with your contacts by just tagging them in the email. Learn more about the draft and email sharing.


In addition to TLS, Zoho Mail provides added security to your emails with S/MIME. Create digital signatures and safeguard your emails from different types of email attacks with Mail. Learn more about S/MIME in Zoho Mail.

Email retention and eDiscovery

Back up all the emails in your organization with email retention and easily retrieve specific emails using eDiscovery. Learn more about email retention and eDiscovery.


Zoho Mail integrates with other Zoho products and many other third-party applications via the eWidget panel. You can access eWidgets from your mailbox and start integrating your favorite apps immediately. Explore eWidgets in Zoho Mail.

Control Panel

Organization admins can manage the email accounts and the users in their organization using Mail's extensive Control Panel. Learn more about Zoho Mail's control panel.

Compare GoDaddy Email and Zoho Mail features

This comparison guide will help you know what Zoho Mail can offer. You can also learn about the features and how to get the most out of Zoho Mail.

 GoDaddy Workspace Zoho Mail
Supported Email Protocols



POP, or Post Office Protocol, allows you to access your emails using any email client. You can download your email to your local computer and access them offline.

Zoho Mail as POP account

Add external accounts using POP


IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is an email retrieval and storage protocol. Using IMAP you can view your emails simultaneously using different email clients across multiple devices.

Zoho Mail as IMAP account

Add external accounts using IMAP

Exchange Activesync

Exchange Activesync (EAS) is a proprietary protocol, designed to sync emails, calendar and contacts from the email server with mobile devices. Zoho Sync for mobile device enables two-way synchronization of Zoho Mail, Calendar and Contacts.

Exchange Activesync for mobile in Zoho Mail

SMTP Relay Limitations

Each GoDaddy Email mailbox includes 250 relays per day, though you can purchase up to 500 relays per day.

The SMTP relay limitations vary based on Zoho Mail policies.

Zoho Mail Usage Policy

Back Up Email, Contacts, and Calendar

Back up GoDaddy Email data in Outlook.


The email backup feature in Zoho Mail helps you to secure your critical emails from being deleted accidentally. You can also export your contacts and calendar to use them in any other services.

Email backup, Export contacts, Export calendars.

Email retention and eDiscovery

The advanced eDiscovery portal in Zoho Mail provides a complete solution to retain, review, export the emails related to your organization's internal, external or legal investigations.

eDiscovery in Zoho Mail

Email Archive

The archive feature in Zoho Mail helps you to retain the older emails in your inbox but without clutter. When you archive an email, the email remains in the same folder but gets removed from the listing of emails.

Email Archive in Zoho Mail

Email Forwarding

Use email forwarding credits to forward email to another address.

Email forward

Email forwarding is a feature that allows you to automatically forward all the incoming emails received in an account, to another email account - which is chosen as the destination account.

Email forwarding in Zoho Mail

Email routing

Email routing is helpful in many situations like if you want to automatically send a copy of one user's email to another. With Zoho Mail, you can redirect or send a copy of an email automatically by configuring Email Routing.

Email routing in Zoho Mail

Forward incoming email to multiple addresses (250 character limit).

Multiple email forwarding addresses

You can add 6 email addresses for the email forwarding purpose. If you want to forward emails to more than 6 members in your organization, you can use a group email address as the destination email address.

Group email address/ distribution lists

Send a copy of every received email, also known as carbon copying.

Retain a copy of forwarded emails

When setting up email forwarding, you can choose to have a copy of the forwarded messages or delete them.

Email forwarding.

Email Groups/ Distribution Lists

Email groups of contacts without having to add individual recipients. Distribution lists can only be created from contacts in a single address book.

Group email addresses

Groups or Distribution Lists are common email addresses, shared by a set of users for a specific purpose. When an email is sent to the group account, a copy of the email gets delivered to the mailbox of all the members of the group.

Email groups/ distribution lists

Email Aliases

GoDaddy Email doesn't have email aliases.

Email Alias

An email alias is an additional email address for an email account, with which a user can send/ receive emails or set forwards.

Set Email Aliases in Zoho Mail

Catch-all Email

Catch-all email delivers messages for an email address that doesn't exist.

Catch-all account

A catch-all email account is an account that captures emails sent to any invalid email addresses of the domain. Even the emails addresses to 'non-existing' or 'invalid' email addresses of the domain will be delivered to the catch-all account configured.

Catch-all email in Zoho Mail

Email Templates

Use email templates for frequently used messages that don't need many changes.

Email Templates

You can use templates to send emails in a predefined format without having to repeat the formatting multiple times. This is useful for organizations to standardize their mails across the organization.

Email templates in Zoho Mail

Spam Email

Block an email address or domain so its messages are filtered as spam.

Allow-list/ Block-list - When you add email addresses or domains to Allow-list, emails from those addresses and domains are one step closer to reaching your inbox. When you add email addresses or domains to your Block-list, emails sent from those addresses will always end up in your Spam folder. Learn more.

Trusted/ Rejected list - Certain spam checks are performed on email addresses added to the Allow-list/ Block-list. You can add legitimate email addresses to the trusted list or rejected list to prevent them from ending up in the spam folder. Learn more.

Unsubscribed list - When you unsubscribe from any emails or newsletters, the unsubscribe links along with their email accounts are added to the unsubscribed list. All the emails from the listed entities will be sent to your spam folder automatically. Learn more.

Mark a message as not spam to add the sender to your Allowed List. Messages marked as spam will add the sender to the Blocked List.

Spam control

Spam is an inconvenience at its best. Zoho Mail's anti-spam mechanism works extensively to identify and classify the right emails as spam.

Organization level spam control

User spam control

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