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Functions associated with Zoho Books contacts

Apart from transacting with your contacts, configuring client portals and performing bulk actions, there are other functions associated with your contacts in Zoho Books. These are,

Stopping Reminders for a Contact

Zoho Books provides you an option of sending automated payment due reminders to your customers. These reminders can be configured from the Settings module for pre-defined durations as desired. You can stop these reminders for specific contacts to whom you don’t wish to send these reminders. To stop reminders for specific contacts, follow these steps.

Stop Reminders

Emailing a Contact

You can quickly send an email to the contact in Zoho Books. Click on the Settings button provided on the top right of the contact detail page and select Email button. A new pop up window opens,

Email Contact

Publish and send out customer statements

You can send a transaction statement of a desired period to the contact very easily. Click on the Settings button provided on the top right of the contact detail page and select the Statement button. A new window opens up. Statements can only be published and sent out to contacts marked as Customer

Email customer statement

Mark a contact inactive

If you don’t want to permanently delete a contact but would like to shelf the contact for the time being, you can change the contact’s status to inactive. This ensures that the contact can no longer be used in the various Zoho Books modules, but remains listed as a contact. Marking multiple contacts inactive, as a bulk action, is dealt with here, but this can also be done on an individual contact level. Here’s now,

Mark contact Inactive

Mark contact Active

Clone a contact

There may be a situation where you wish to have a contact both as a customer and a vendor. In such cases, you can simply clone a contact and mark him/her as a vendor.

To clone a contact, navigate to the Contacts module and click on a contact you wish to clone. In the contact details page, click on the More button on the top right corner and select Clone from the drop-down.

A Clone Contact screen will follow where all the details of the contact will be populated automatically. Make sure all the details are correct and click on Save.

Clone Contact

Note: Please note that if you choose to clone the contact as a Customer, the newly cloned contact will not have access to the client portal if the original contact has already been granted access.