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    Case Study
    cloud skills

    "Kevin Chieff of Cloud Skills LLC uses Zoho Bookings to find mutual availability for customer appointments without calls or emails."

    Kevin Chieff
    Kevin ChieffPrincipal Consultant, Cloud Skills LLC
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    SVT Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

    "After using Zoho Bookings we are now able to connect with prospects and close deals faster. We have put an appointment link on our website where customers or new prospects can easily schedule a call. On an average we receive 7 to 10 customers meetings with a conversion rate of 4%."

    Shivam Thakkar
    Shivam Thakkar Director, SVT Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
    Case Study
    Turning west

    "TurningWest streamlined its coaching sessions with Zoho Bookings and now books 20 to 40 sessions per month. "

    Steven GoodwinTurningWest
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    Morimoto Store

    "With Zoho Bookings, customers can now easily schedule a meeting with me from my website. It made my business process easy, as it integrates with Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho CRM, and Zoom."

    Nobuo Morimoto
    Nobuo MorimotoMorimoto Store
    Case Study

    "Wealth 212 used Zoho Bookings to make appointment scheduling for new sales calls and existing customers effortless. "

    Alec JensonChief Operating Officer at Wealth 212.
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    "We no longer miss appointments or deal with duplicate bookings. Zoho Bookings is an excellent modern and efficient product. The meetings booked via our website enter directly into our shared Zoho Calendar for our team."

    John Daddow
    John DaddowOwner, Constantech
    Case Study
     Maxx Frontier Solutions

    "Maxx Frontier Solutions leverages Zoho Bookings features to secure more client meetings and ensure none are missed. "

    Darren Berson
    Darren Berson Maxx Frontier Solutions
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    Espresso World, Inc.

    "Zoho Bookings allowed us to schedule and plan sales meetings efficiently with perfect communication. It perfectly integrates with Google Calendar and Stripe to schedule appointments and collect payments quickly."

    Paul TobiasAgent, Espresso World, Inc.
    Case Study
    Cred Coding

    "Creo Coding saw a 150% monthly increase in monthly appointments and increased conversions with Zoho Bookings. "

    Travis Johnston
    Travis JohnstonOwner, Creo Coding
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    "Zoho Bookings is very good because it reduces the overall workload to organize meetings. It's a good scheduling solution if you work with Zoho CRM."

    Georg Klausner
    Georg KlausnerCo-founder, You Work Life!
    Case Study
    Tagarela Migration Pty Ltd

    "Tagarela Migration switched from another scheduling system and now finds it efficient to manage meetings and sync data between Zoho Bookings and Zoho CRM."

    Tagarela Migration Pty Ltd
    Marina Silva, Director, Tagarela Migration Pty Ltd
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    Staff Outsource Solutions

    "Our sales team can book an appointment for a demo call directly from the CRM record. They have increased their demo call bookings and have been able to rebook 70% of our no-shows, whereas, before the integration, it was less than 50%."

    Ed Gentry
    Ed GentryPresident, Staff Outsource Solutions
    Case Study
    Apples & Oranges Public Relations

    "Apples & Oranges Public Relations has streamlined and increased its sales by leveraging Zoho Bookings service booking forms and the Zoho CRM integration."

    Amore Philip,
    Amore Philip,CEO and Director of PR, Apples & Oranges Public Relations
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    Meyers Emergency Management

    "We switched from Calendly to Zoho Bookings. The major impact has been the cost savings."

    Patrick Meyers
    Patrick MeyersFounder and CEO, Meyers Emergency Management
    Case Study

    "LivingInWellbeing reduced scheduling inconsistencies and increased team productivity with Zoho Bookings."

    Dr. PurushothamanDirector, LivingInWellbeing
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    "With Zoho Bookings, we now handle 250 appointments monthly and have seen a 40% increase in new vehicle acquisitions. It's incredibly simple! With Zoho CRM's seamless integration with Bookings, scheduling appointments has become easier for our team."

    Juan Mejia
    Juan MejiaCEO, MIMOTTO
    Case Study

    "With the help of Zoho Bookings, Patrington Haven Leisure Park simplified the scheduling process for fitness classes at their gym."

    Katherine LilleyPatrington Haven Leisure Park
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    Scalent Solutions

    "Since we have been using Zoho Mail, Zoho Bookings was an obvious choice considering seamless integration. Appointment booking and managing calendars have become easier, and we now onboard more clients. It's a very straightforward, easy-to-use, and no-frills platform."

    Mitali Jain
    Mitali Jain Founder and CEO, Scalent Solutions
    Case Study
    3 Palms Zoo & Education Center

    "3 Palms Zoo & Education Center has eliminated tedious appointment scheduling tasks with Zoho Bookings by automating reminders, payments, and more."

    Matthew Shaffner
    Matthew ShaffnerOwner, 3 Palms Zoo & Education Center
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    Case Study

    "Parijatham Clinics set up online scheduling and SMS reminders so their patients could have a more seamless experience with their doctors. "

    Ramesh MaturiFounder, Parijatham Clinics
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     BOTI Studios, LLC

    "Zoho created the support I needed to empower my clients more collaboratively. It's affordable, low-maintenance, and user-friendly."

    BOTI Studios, LLC
    Lucinda CollisPresident and Founder, BOTI Studios, LLC
    Case Study
    Jeremiah Hartmann Live Event Hosts & MC's

    "Jeremiah Hartmann automates event scheduling for a 33% increase in lead conversions using Zoho Bookings. "

    Jeremiah Hartmann
    Jeremiah HartmannFounder, Jeremiah Hartmann Live Event Hosts & MC's
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    Case Study
     M for Mental Health

    "Zoho Bookings has helped me customize my slots in a very efficient manner and integrate a payment gateway too. Also, it has helped my clients schedule appointments more effectively."

    Malavika Karnad
    Malavika KarnadCounseling Psychologist | Founder, M for Mental Health
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    Case Study

    "Artifex Marketing Studio switched from Calendly to Zoho Bookings when scaling its business operations with Zoho apps."

    Tanya Euler
    Tanya EulerFounder, Artifex Marketing Studio
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    St. Luke's Orthopaedics & Trauma Hospital

    "Zoho Bookings is flexible, scalable, and has greatly reduced our cancellations and no-shows. We have successfully tailored it to our diverse environment, ensuring up-to-date schedules and effective management of client appointments."

    Sharon Lelei Director, St. Luke's Orthopaedics & Trauma Hospital
    Case Study
    Directmail 2.0

    "DirectMail 2.0 made meetings simpler and more efficient with Zoho Bookings. The team now books 65 to 85 appointments every month. "

    Morgan DiGiorgio
    Morgan DiGiorgio Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Directmail 2.0
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    Case Study

    "Royal Healthcare used Zoho Bookings to automate appointment scheduling across their team of doctors while keeping relevant parties in the loop. "

    Vidisha ChamriaMarketing Director, Royal Healthcare.
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    "Zoho Bookings is a no-brainer pick for an appointment booking solution, with all the required features to improve sales and smoothen your operations. Now, we manage to increase our sales by 200%."

    Senthazal Ravi,
    Senthazal Ravi,Co-Founder, The South Indian Restaurant Group
    Case Study
    Web Work Tools Limited

    "Web Work Tools saved 50% of work time by automating pre- and post-meeting tasks with Zoho Bookings."

    Emuobosa onerhimeimg
    Emuobosa Onerhime,CSM, Web Work Tools Limited
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    Case Study
    Beeyond Honey

    "Beeyond Honey Apiaries & Supplies simplified appointment scheduling by managing store walk-ins and avoiding overlaps with Zoho Bookings."

    Mike Bodamer,Owner, Beeyond Honey Apiaries & Supplies
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     Lunt Consulting, LLC

    ""I have the booking link on my virtual business card, and QR codes on my physical business cards and in my signatures. It eliminates back and forth of 'Are you available?' discussions. Go for it! Having used Calendly and other providers, it's very easy to customize branding, messaging, and automation with Zoho Bookings. It will save you time."

    Mica Lunt
    Mica LuntCEO, Lunt Consulting, LLC
    Case Study

    "Thomas Galligan and his team found it easy to schedule appointments with Zoho Bookings and grew their sales by 27%."

    Thomas GalliganPerformance Computer Group
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    Case Study

    "Mintskill HR Solutions sped up its interview cycle to provide better candidate experiences using Zoho Bookings."

    Lokesh Mittal,Director, Mintskill HR Solutions LLP
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    Case Study

    "Elctrc switched to Zoho Bookings from another scheduler and found it easy to collect customer appointments."

    Graham RoweDirector, Elctrc
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    Incognito Worldwide

    "Zoho Bookings saves time from back-and-forth emails to discuss availability. It's relatively easy to use and brand. I probably have about 12 to 15 meetings booked with incoming sales leads and another 5 to 10 meetings I set up myself with partners, collaborators, and vendors."

    Bruce Dugan
    Bruce DuganCEO, Incognito Worldwide
    Case Study

    "LoanStreet used Zoho Bookings to enhance the scheduling experience for customers. In addition, the system's integrations helped the company automate their pre-and post-meeting tasks efficiently. "

    Bastiaan BurgwalCPO, LoanStreet
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    Case Study

    "By adopting Zoho Bookings, Univers Vital has made it easy for clients to find appointment times."

    Philippe Brouillard Owner, Univers Vital
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    Make your appointment scheduling a success story

    Say goodbye to double booking, no-shows, endless emails, and delayed payments. Zoho Bookings syncs your calendars while letting customers self-schedule and pay for appointments. Our user interface auto-customizes for your industry, meaning you feel right at home. Say hello to smart scheduling!

    Zoho Bookings calendar on web and mobile
    Zoho Bookings calendar on web and mobile

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