"We enjoy over 50% time savings on our work schedule"

Emuobosa Onerhime

Emuobosa Onerhime, CSM, Web Work Tools Limited

Use cases: Client scheduling, Time management

Industry: IT (services and consulting)

Team size: 200–500 employees

Product feature: Calendar sync, Automated reminders

Web Work Tools offers software consultation solutions based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. By leveraging Zoho Bookings, they have simplified their scheduling process with clients, making it efficient and hassle free.

The challenge: overcoming scheduling conflicts

Zoho Bookings is now an effective time management tool for the team. Onerhime added that the team doesn't have to ''worry about conflicting schedules" because Zoho Bookings checks for conflicts with all synchronized calendars. Now, the team has zero worries about double or duplicate bookings.

Onerhime mentioned, "Letting our customers choose a time on our calendar that fits their schedule is one big shift we made from accepting impromptu appointments." This eliminated all back-and-forth manual tasks previously needed to schedule a meeting.

Simple, yet powerful

"One simple setup was enough to get started," Emuobosa Onerhime said. He added that setting up the Zoho Bookings account was simple and straightforward, as it seamlessly synchronizes with calendars within a matter of seconds.

Few to no missed opportunities

Appointment reminders help the team lower the chances for no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Onerhime added they "are no longer overwhelmed with overdue tasks."

Better time management

For any business that’s looking to streamline their meetings, Onerhime suggested, "Set it [Zoho Bookings] up for managing time more effectively and booking meetings automatically."