"Helps to do online interviews on-time and every time"

Lokesh Mittal

Lokesh Mittal, Director, Mintskill HR Solutions LLP

Use cases: Recruitment

Industry: HR solutions

Team size: Less than 50 employees

Product feature: Self-scheduling, Online meeting links, Calendar sync

Mintskill HR Solutions offer HR outsourcing services from India. They use Zoho Bookings to schedule on-demand interviews with candidates.

The challenge: back-and-forth emails to schedule interviews

Lokesh says, "I allow our qualified candidates from Zoho Recruit to schedule interviews when they are available."

Zoho Recruit helps streamline their screening process, and Zoho Bookings allows the candidates to experience hassle-free availability-based appointment scheduling, which eliminates back-and-forth emails to schedule an interview.

Interviews will not be missed/forgotten

Lokesh notes, "Since the calendar is updated, they have reminders and it helps to do online interviews on-time and every time."

The team has minimized the chances of missing or forgetting about the interviews and never has to worry about slipping through the cracks of no-shows.

Updating appointment time is easy peasy

He mentioned "Schedule, reschedule and cancellation everything is easy."

Now, with just a few clicks, the team can conveniently update their appointment times, eliminating the need for extensive communication over emails or phone calls or any other modes.

Zoho Bookings: Recruiter's Recommendation

Lokesh remarks, "I am at peace and today we can handle the scheduling of hundreds of Interviews with a single click."

"Yes to those seeking on-demand interviews" - he recommends Zoho Bookings for hassle-free scheduling of on-demand interviews.