"We swapped from Calendly to Zoho Bookings because of its easy integration with the other Zoho applications we use"

Tanya Euler

Tanya Euler, Founder, Artifex Marketing Studio

Use cases: Client scheduling, Sales

Industry: Marketing and advertising

Team size: Less than 50 employees

Product feature: Booking page, Integrations within Zoho

The hurdle: constant communication to schedule meetings

Artifex Marketing Studio is a Queensland-based graphic design and digital marketing agency that serves SMEs.

Embedding Zoho Bookings into the Artifex Marketing Studio website has transformed the agency's scheduling process. Clients can now self-schedule meetings from available slots.

"Clients also know to use it to book meetings with me, which saves me time on phone calls and back-and-forth emailing to sort out our mutual availability"

- Tanya Euler

Automation with Zoho Bookings

Euler feels happy with the app's layout, as it works well with the various services that Artifex Marketing Studio provides. She notes that the intuitive interface makes it easy for clients to navigate the appointment-scheduling process.

"I enjoy starting my day by finding new client bookings on my calendar, which have come in overnight through Zoho Bookings," adds Euler.

Thanks to the scheduling page, securing consultations with new prospects has become Euler’s main area of growth.

Smooth data handling between apps

Since Zoho Bookings is seamlessly integrated with other Zoho apps, Euler now handles data between multiple apps under one roof without having to worry about data duplication.

Euler highlights, "Having everything speak to each other—website, CRM, calendar, video meeting software, and appointment booking—has streamlined how we do things."

An integral solution for scaling up

When it comes to other businesses, Euler concludes, "I would recommend using Zoho Bookings alongside the other Zoho applications for a smooth, streamlined approach to all their business operations."