Ramesh Maturi, Zoho Bookings customer

Ramesh Maturi. Founder, Parijatham Clinics

Parijatham Clinics is a women's health care center focused on providing quality services to all patients. Efficient appointment-making plays an important role in their daily operations, and Zoho Bookings has become an integral part of their online scheduling process.

The solution is highly flexible

Zoho Bookings offered a viable solution for the center's service customization and booking needs. The option to integrate SMS platforms has helped Parijatham Clinics automate patient reminders for upcoming appointments.

"[As] a doctor with no coding experience, [I] could successfully customize the entire platform for my specific needs" — Ramesh Maturi

When asked about the ease of scheduling new appointments for his staff, Maturi notes, "To be frank, it's a cakewalk."

An unbeatable application

"The best part is the world-class support team. The developers have given attention to the feature requirements of a wide range of industries, and the basic customizable architecture has created an unbeatable application." — Ramesh Maturi

To those considering Zoho Bookings for their business, Maturi says, "Just do it!"

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