"We are saving a lot of time now. We don't take any calls anymore; we send emails with the link for the next appointment to our clients"


Philippe Brouillard, Owner, Univers Vital

Use cases: Health consultations

Industry: Healthcare

Team size: Less than 50 employees

Product feature: Self-scheduling, Integrations

Univers Vital is a health clinic that operates on the principles of functional medicine. Zoho Bookings is their go-to software for scheduling health consultations for their clients.

A simplified process

A good scheduling app takes care of more than just scheduling. One of Univers Vital's main goals was to simplify tedious appointment-making tasks. The different features and functionalities that come with Zoho Bookings helped them organize their schedules. "One important thing," company owner Philippe Brouillard adds, "is that customers can make their own appointments."

Integration with CRM

Univers Vital knew they wanted to store client data and appointment details in their Zoho CRM account, and the Zoho Bookings integration made this easy to achieve. Plus, they love how workflows are triggered in the CRM when clients make appointments through Zoho Bookings.

Saving valuable time

Brouillard mentions that Zoho Bookings has helped them save time, especially when it comes to collecting payments from customers.

The option to integrate Zoho Bookings with a multitude of apps helps businesses like Univers Vital streamline their operations and adds more power to their scheduling systems.