"I average about 30 bookings per month, of which most are automated via Zoho Bookings"

Kevin Chieff

Kevin Chieff, Principal Consultant, Cloud Skills LLC

Use cases: Project reviews, Planning calls, Support calls

Industry: Consultancy

Team size: Less than 50 employees

Product feature: Calendar sync, Reminders and notifications, Integrations within Zoho

Kevin Chieff is a Zoho Partner, and he runs a consultancy to help customers move from on-premise legacy software to modern cloud software with Zoho. On a typical day, Chieff and his team get on numerous calls for project progress reviews, planning calls, or support calls with clients.

Bushiness challenge: missing scheduled meeting

"Bookings increases my efficiency by eliminating back-and-forth emails and phone calls to schedule my time, and empowers my clients to select a time convenient for them quickly and easily."

-Kevin Chieff

Ever since Chieff implemented Zoho Bookings to automate the scheduling process, he notes that, "there's really nothing to handle." Once clients make a booking, it shows up in the team's calendars, they’re notified, and then they're reminded through emails about the new and upcoming meetings. "As a result, we now never miss a meeting," he says.

Efficient calendar and CRM sync

As the volume of meetings went up for Chieff and his team, the app's integration with other Zoho tools proved "critical." It automatically creates a Zoho Meeting or Zoho Assist session whenever a client schedules, and the meeting appears in the team's Zoho Calendar. "Bookings checks my Zoho and personal calendars to avoid conflicts," he notes. This eliminates the possibility of double-bookings.

Plus, the app adds meeting details to the client's Zoho CRM record to prevent duplicate entries.

Why pay for a subscription outside of Zoho?

If you’re looking to expand on your app usage within Zoho, or if you’re looking to explore the world of Zoho apps through a scheduling app, Chieff says, "why pay for an additional subscription to an outside booking or calendaring app when Bookings has the all-important integrations to other Zoho and non-Zoho apps built in?" Explore Zoho Bookings, today!