Vidisha Chamria, Zoho Bookings customer

Vidisha Chamria. Marketing Director, Royal Healthcare

Royal Healthcare offers expert service in dental and maxillofacial care. For the past two years, they have managed appointments for their international client base with Zoho Bookings.

"A click is all it takes" for their team of doctors to schedule patient appointments. They have eliminated endless back-and-forth emails and calls from their daily operations.

Team management made easy

Zoho Bookings has helped Royal Healthcare streamline their team management. With the Users & Roles feature, all doctors can view relevant patient data and have appointments assigned based on the services they provide.

Effortless appointment scheduling

With Zoho Bookings, scheduling is simple. Patients call the reception desk, the receptionist adds the selected appointment to the calendar, and the assigned doctor gets booked.

Keeping customers in the loop

Zoho Bookings helps Royal Healthcare streamline their appointment records while also keeping patients updated about their appointment status through email.

For those considering Zoho Bookings, Chamria explains, "In the long term, it turns out to be much more feasible than SAP and other ERP solutions."

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