"Our company's efficiency and customer experience have significantly increased since we began using Zoho Bookings"


Dr. Purushothaman, Director, LivingInWellbeing

Use cases: Customer experience, Team productivity

Industry: Healthcare

Team size: Solopreneur

Product feature: Real-time scheduling, Centralized appointment calendar

The challenge: Manual appointment scheduling

LivingInWellbeing is a healthcare and holistic wellness provider based out of India. They implemented Zoho Bookings to collect patient appointments, and Dr. Purushothaman says that it has "completely changed how we run our company."

"Before using Zoho Bookings, booking appointments took a lot of effort and frequently resulted in difficulties, which bothered our staff and clients."

- Dr. Purushothaman

LivingInWellbeing concluded that none of the other apps they considered fulfilled their requirements the way Zoho Bookings did.

Enhancing customer experience

LivingInWellbeing mitigated inconsistencies in their scheduling process. "The time and resources saved allowed us to concentrate on other business areas," says Dr. Purushothaman.

Increased team productivity

The team could finally get a real-time and centralized view of their schedules, appointments, and customer data by just logging into the app.

"Zoho Bookings boosted our team's productivity and improved our processes and customer experience."

Zoho Bookings as a solution

Manual scheduling comes with the pain of long waiting hours and queues, which creates a poor patient experience.

"The simplicity of Zoho Bookings is one of its best qualities, making it simple for our team and clients to navigate."

- Dr. Purushothaman

Easy scheduling, happy clients!

Dr. Purushothaman notes that Zoho Bookings has "made it easier for us to manage our workload and keep organized, which has led to fewer scheduling disputes and higher levels of client satisfaction."

"Any company wishing to automate its customer management and appointment scheduling procedures should strongly consider using Zoho Bookings," he adds.