"The majority of new leads that have used the booking system have turned into customers"

Travis Johnston

Travis Johnston, Owner, Creo Coding

Use cases: Client scheduling, Sales

Industry: Web design agency

Team size: Less than 50 employees

Product feature: Two-way calendar sync, Booking page

The challenge: updating meeting availabilities everyday

Creo Coding is a web design agency based in Massachusetts. Johnston was determined to make the appointment scheduling process simple for his clients, to the extent that he even tried to build a scheduling system by himself.

Before Zoho Bookings, he had a full-time job of manually updating his availability on multiple calendars. Now, with Zoho Bookings, he can easily update his availability in one place, and it automatically and instantly syncs across his calendars. The number of appointments with clients has gone up between 100% and 150% monthly.

"The calendar sync is huge for me. Having to change each day's availability was a nightmare in other tools. Zoho Bookings made this a no-brainer."

- Travis Johnston

Easy for customers to schedule appointments

"I tried out many scheduling tools like Google Calendar. All of them had some major pitfalls," Johnston says. "Zoho Bookings is easy to set up, visually appealing, and easy for my customers to use."

With Zoho Bookings, he and his customers can handle appointment scheduling effortlessly. No more scheduling clashes or waiting to confirm the appointment—the software automates everything.

No more tug of war

Johnston notes, "My clients love that they can easily find times and book with me instead of playing email tag where we go back and forth trying to find specific times."

By eliminating the back-and-forth, he has saved a significant amount of time, and this has allowed him to focus more on preparing for upcoming meetings.

Johnston adds, "If something comes up, clients can easily change their appointments."

Zoho Bookings helps Johnston to send automated email and text notifications even when his clients reschedule appointments.

Zoho Bookings puts scheduling on autopilot

Johnston comments that Zoho Bookings feels like a "personal assistant" who takes care of the appointment scheduling process from start to finish.

Plus, embedding the booking page into his website offered a more direct CTA, and it became a centralized appointment collection tool that completely minimized his manual efforts.

Johnston concludes that Zoho Bookings is an affordable choice that is "easy to use for both the business and the client." He believes Zoho Bookings is ideal for all SMEs like Creo Coding. "Zoho again comes out with another amazing product that is perfect for small businesses," he says.

"Zoho Bookings boosted our team's productivity and improved our processes and customer experience."