"Zoho Bookings is a professional, highly comparable calendar booking system that integrates well with Zoho CRM, Google, and Microsoft Calendar to provide users with a highly functional online calendar booking system"

Darren Berson

Darren Berson, Maxx Frontier Solutions

Use cases: Marketing, Sales, Time management

Industry: Consultancy

Team size: Less than 50 employees

Product feature: Integrations, Embeddable meeting links

Challenge: Overcoming delays from traditional emails

Maxx Frontier Solutions is a business consultancy that provides digital business solutions and assists clients with cloud their application requirements.

After adding Zoho Bookings to their website and emails, Darren Berson and his team now handle client meetings more efficiently. Clients can choose a convenient time slot for their meeting, and the booking automatically syncs with the team member's calendars.

"This has been useful in securing meetings that may have taken longer to arrange through traditional email."

— Darren Berson

Client-driven calendar meetings

Berson and his team strategically added their Zoho Bookings widget to their email signatures, website, and live chat to secure more hands-free client meetings without missing any opportunities.

"The integration of Zoho bookings with major SaaS calendar providers and with [Zoho] CRM makes this tool invaluable for modern, future-thinking businesses," he remarks.

Zoho Bookings is a time saving mechanism

"Zoho Bookings saves our administration significant time and has been proven to secure meetings effortlessly."

— Darren Berson

With the option to manage all appointments and external calendar events in a single place, the team has used Zoho Bookings to enhance their business processes and eliminate any friction, ensuring immediate value for clients.