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"Since using Zoho Bookings, I've seen a 33% increase in conversions"

Jeremiah Hartmann

Jeremiah Hartmann, Founder, Jeremiah Hartmann Live Event Hosts & MC's

Use cases: Event management, Customer experience

Industry: Event management

Team size: Solopreneur

Product feature: Booking page, Calendar dashboard, Embeddable meeting links

Jeremiah Hartmann is a professional MC based in Sydney, Australia, and he specializes in conducting live and virtual events. With Zoho Bookings, Hartmann effectively automates his appointment scheduling, enabling him to dedicate his attention to the seamless coordination of events.

Benefits from implementing Zoho Bookings

Unlocking a competitive edge

Hartmann mentions Zoho Bookings as a "game changer" that revolutionizes how he gets booked. As a solopreneur, he finds Zoho Bookings "an intuitive and easy-to-use" scheduling application to streamline his bookings.

Now, he can customize his booking page with his brand elements to provide a cohesive booking experience for his clients. Plus, the custom domain and the customizable email reminders set him apart from his competitors.

Seamless scheduling experience

Hartmann says, "The customer journey has been seamless since implementing Zoho Bookings, making it easier for my clients to book my services and keep track of their appointments."

The visually appealing and user-friendly interface make it so that it only takes a few clicks to book an appointment.

Also, the dashboard provides a convenient way to track all appointments in a single tab, streamlining the process of monitoring the appointment status.

Nobody is left behind

Once meetings are booked, Zoho Bookings automates email and text reminders to help Hartmann stay in touch with his clients, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

"The automated email reminders have been particularly useful in reducing no-shows."

— Hartmann

Needs no micromanagement

Hartmann commented that since everything is automated, from creating the meeting to collecting payments, there is no need to manually follow-up or "micromanage" his customer appointments.

Embeddable meeting links

Hartmann's staff members effortlessly get scheduled with customers by including the embeddable staff meeting link in their email signature. This means customers can make appointments directly without navigating to the website.

Zoho Bookings: efficient and reliable booking system

Hartmann concludes, "I am extremely satisfied with Zoho Bookings and would highly recommend it to any other event professionals looking for an efficient and reliable booking system."