"We highly recommend Zoho Bookings not only for their comprehensive booking management system but also for their excellent customer service and personalized support"

Matthew Shaffner

Matthew Shaffner, Owner, 3 Palms Zoo & Education Center

Use cases: Field trip booking

Industry: Tourism

Team size: Less than 50 employees

Product feature: Notifications and reminders, Calendar dashboard

3 Palms Zoo & Education Center is Delaware’s largest zoo, with a mission to educate the public about the importance of animal welfare and conservation.

Using Zoho Bookings, visitors can self-book a field trip or rent tickets in advance before they drop by to enjoy a day with the animals. This speeds up appointment booking and improves the velocity of end-to-end business operations.

Business hurdle: reminding customers for the appointment

"Notifications and reminders help us keep our customers informed about their upcoming visits and ensure that they don't miss any important information."

— Shaffner remarks

Reminding visitors of their upcoming visits is important, but it can be challenging if done manually. With the option to send automated email notifications and reminders, Shaffner and his team are able to remind the visitors about their visit time. The emails are customized to include instructions and guidelines about the zoo visit.

Centralized bookings management

Shaffner says, "Zoho Bookings has streamlined our booking process, making it easier for our customers to book their visits online."

Visitors can now simply make a booking from the website, and Shaffner's team can see and manage all appointments from the Zoho Bookings dashboard.

Zoho Bookings eases the burden

"Another benefit of using Zoho Bookings is that it has automated some of the usually tedious and repetitive tasks associated with managing bookings."

— Shaffner remarks

Shaffner now has the option to collect payment from visitors either as a deposit or in full before their visit. This has helped him avoid the inconvenience of chasing down payments after the visit.

Shaffner concludes with a remark saying, "We believe that Zoho Bookings will help you improve your operations and enhance your customers' experience. Their team has been very responsive and helpful in assisting us with onboarding, setups, and configurations prior to any commitment to purchase."