"Zoho Bookings has increased sales by a minimum of 27%"

Thomas Galligan, Performance Computer Group

Use cases: Marketing, Sales

Industry: IT (computer and network security)

Team size: Less than 50 employees

Product feature: Booking page, Automated reminders

Performance Computer Group (PCG) builds high-end computers for gamers based in Tampa, Florida. The company uses Zoho Bookings for scheduling client consultation meetings.

The struggle: managing appointments

"I had struggled with managing my appointments and scheduling for years," explains Thomas Galligan. However, after using Zoho Bookings, PCG staff members have streamlined client appointment scheduling, significantly reducing their workload.

More focus on the business

"Zoho Bookings has simplified the entire process of scheduling appointments, which has allowed me to focus on more important things like growing my business."

-Thomas Galligan

Zoho Bookings simplifies appointment scheduling with minimal effort. Clients can now book appointments directly with Galligan's team, eliminating back-and-forth communication. Galligan also adds that Zoho Bookings has made it "incredibly easy" for him to manage his business.

Improved website experience

"One of the key features that I love about Zoho Bookings and really sets it apart is the customizable booking page."

-Thomas Galligan

Customers can book appointments with his team through a customizable booking page that aligns with their website branding, ensuring a seamless booking experience.

Impressive boost in sales figures

Galligan reports that his sales team can now give the proper time for pitches and presentations, resulting in a sales increase of at least 27%.

With automated email reminders, the team generated more sales by maximizing their meetings and avoiding last minute cancellations or no-shows.

Zoho Bookings: the perfect tool for managing appointments

To overcome time-consuming tasks during manual scheduling, Galligan remarks that Zoho Bookings is the "perfect" appointment scheduling tool that "can help you save time and streamline your business."