Can I match transactions with expenses that have been created already?

Yes, you can match a card transaction with an already created expense. All the unexpensed card feeds can be matched with the existing expenses in Zoho Expense. To match the card transaction with an existing expense:

  1. Go to Cards on the left sidebar.
  2. Click the corporate or personal card for which you want to match transactions.
  3. In the Unexpensed tab, select the card transaction you want to match with an existing expense. The best and the possible matches for the transaction will be listed based on the date and the amount of the card transaction.
  4. If you want to change the criteria for filtering the possible matches, click Change Criteria and provide the criteria. The possible matches will be listed based on the new criteria.
  5. Select the expenses that add up to the card transaction amount and click Match.

The card transaction will be matched, the expenses will be merged and a single expense will be created.


  • You can match only the non-reimbursable expenses with the card transactions.
  • Expenses will be auto-matched for corporate card transactions, if the admin had enabled it under Expense Preferences.
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