How do I convert my card transactions into expenses? Can it be done automatically?

You can create expenses from your card transactions. The corporate card expenses thus created will be non-reimbursable. Expenses will be automatically created for corporate card transactions, if the admin has enabled it under the Cards section of the Expense Preferences.

To create expenses from a card transaction manually:

  1. Go to Cards on the left sidebar.
  2. Click the corporate or personal card for which you want to create expenses.
  3. Click the transaction you want to convert into an expense. You will see a list of expenses that match the selected transaction. You can match an existing expense with your card transaction, thus avoiding double entry.
  4. If you do not find a matching expense from the list of expenses, click Add Manually to create an expense.
  5. Enter the required details and click Save and Close.

You can also create expenses from the Expenses module.

  1. Click the + icon next to Expenses on the left sidebar.
  2. Navigate to From Cards tab and click Convert to Expense at the right corner of the transaction you want to convert to an expense.
  3. Click Add Manually and enter the required details.
  4. Click Save and Close and an expense will be created.
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