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Creating expense reports from expenses

Creating Expense Reports

Add to Report

Creating and submitting a new expense report

Creating Expense Reports

Creating Expense Reports

Else, click on the New Expense button to create a new expense within the report.

Creating Expense Reports

Save Expense Reports

Submit Expense Reports

Note: The + Add cc option can be accessed while submitting a saved report. While clicking on the Submit button you will be prompted to select your approver and add email address to those to whom you wish to cc the report. Enter the email address and click Submit to complete the process.

Recalling a submitted report

You can edit an already submitted report before it being approved by the approver. In order to do that:

Recalling a submitted report

Recalled status

Re-submitting Report

Note: While recalling a report, a notification email will be sent to your approver.

Attaching files to an expense report

Consider an example where you receive an approval statement from your manager prior to a business trip. While claiming reimbursement for the expenses incurred during the trip, it becomes convenient for the approver if he/she can view the approval statement along with the expense report. Let us see how that’s done:

Attaching files to a report

files attached

More options

When you open an expense report, you see a More button on the top right corner of the report. If you click on the button, you will see a drop-down with the following options:

Filtering expense reports

Below given are the list of available expense entry filters.

Updating reports in bulk

To update your expense reports in bulk, perform the following steps:

Updating reports in bulk

Bulk update window

Sorting expense reports

Under the Reports section, expense reports can be sorted through various parameters such as:

Sorting Expense Reports

Importing expense reports

Expense reports can be imported in two formats:

Import Reports

 In order to export expense entries:

Select the report to be exported

Export Reports

Note: You can export individual expense reports as PDF. (Expense Reports > More > PDF)  

Admin Settings

You can configure the settings related to the reports module such as:

Learn more about Reports Preferences.

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