In this category, you can run reports to analyze business expenses based on various factors such as duration, categories, expenses incurred by individual employees, expenses incurred for individual customers, projects, merchants, etc.

Note: Only the expenses that are submitted in a report will be included in analytic reports. However, if you want information regarding the unsubmitted expenses, you can run the Unsubmitted Expenses report.

Expense Details

Run this report to get a list of all the expenses incurred for a particular period, including other details such as the expense status, category, amount, etc. You can include additional filters to get more information about the expenses and customize the columns displayed in your reports.

Expense Details Analytics

Expenses by Category

View how much you’ve incurred for each expense category over a period. You can also view this report in the form of a chart and get insights with just a glance.

Expense by Category

Expenses by Attendee

Attendees are the users or contact persons who have incurred expenses along with a user. The list of attendees along with their expense share will be generated in this report. Also, you can find the number of expenses for which they were attendees.

Expense by Attendee

Expenses by Customer

Get to know about the expenses incurred for individual customers. The number of expenses incurred for each customer and the total amount spent for each customer will be clearly tabulated.

Expense by Customer

Expenses by Project

This analytic report generates information about the expenses incurred for all your ongoing and completed projects over a specified period.

Expense by Project

Expenses by Merchant

Run this report to know merchant-wise expenses within a specified period. The number of expenses incurred with individual merchants and the total of the expenses incurred will be shown in the report.

Expense by Merchant

Expenses by Currency

If you’ve incurred expenses in multiple currencies, you can run this report to get currency-wise records. The total amount spent under each currency and its exchange value (when the expense was recorded) in the base currency of the organization will also be shown in the report.

Expense by Currency
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