Expenses - Overview

Expenses are costs that are incurred for running a business. They can be incurred on various day-to-day business activities including travel, food, and lodging. Record and claim reimbursement for all the expenses you incur on behalf of your business in the Expenses module.

Statuses Of Expenses

Status Description
unreported If the expenses are not added to a report, the status will be Unreported.
unsubmitted Expenses that are added to a report in Draft status will be in Unsubmitted status.
expired Expenses that aren’t approved before the expiry date that was configured by the admin, will be in the Expired status.

Note: Once an expense is associated with a report, the status of the expense will be the same as the status of the report. Learn more about report status.

Types of Expense Views

You can classify and identify your expenses easily by switching among the different types of expense views. The types of expense views are:

List View

All your expenses will be listed vertically with details such as date, category, amount, associated report, and status.

Receipt View

All the receipts will be displayed along with their expense details. In the receipt view, you can also add an expense to a report from the Add to Report band at the bottom of the receipt.

Calendar View

This view has a calendar which displays the total expense amount and the number of expenses created on a particular day of the month. You can also add a new expense for a specific date by clicking the date on the calendar.

To switch between views:

  1. Navigate to Expenses.
  2. Click the List icon at the top right corner of the page and select your preferred view.

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