Trips - Overview

The Trips module in Zoho Expense enables you to create trip requests and helps you report all your trip related expenses to your managers.

How does Trips work
Submit a trip request with your trip details such as the duration, business purpose, and the trip itinerary, for pre-approval by your managers. Once your trip request is approved, your travel desk can access your trip itinerary and start the booking process. After completing the booking process, the travel desk will update the trip request with the flight ticket, hotel booking, and other reservations. You can download the booking details and get started with the trip. Once you return from the trip, you can report your trip related expenses and claim your reimbursement.

Statuses of Trips

draft All the unsubmitted trips will be in the Draft status.
Trips that are waiting for approval from the approvers will be in Awaiting Approval status.
recalled If you want to edit a trip that is awaiting approval, you can recall it. Once you recall, the trip will be in the Recalled status.
approved Trips that are approved by the approvers will be in the Approved status.
rejected If the approver rejects a trip, it will be in the Rejected status.
cancelled If you wish to call-off a trip, you can do so by canceling a trip request. The tripโ€™s status will be Canceled.
closed Once your trip and all the processes associated with it are completed, you can close your trip request. The tripโ€™s status will be Closed.

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