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What if you can authorize a user in your organization to perform actions on your behalf? Zoho Expense lets you delegate your expense reporting work to another user, without sharing your login credentials. Introducing the delegation workflow in your organization will allow you to delegate tasks to other users when you are away from work.

Let’s take a scenario where Patricia, the business head will be organizing an important business meet in her office. A lot of expenses might be incurred and what if she has to add expenses each time she incurs one? Patricia might be busy with meetings and closing business deals and might not be able to focus on tracking expenses! Patricia wonders what can be done, and immediately sets up the delegation workflow. She adds her assistant as a delegate, chooses the tasks the delegate can do on her behalf and starts preparing for the meet.

Similarly, you can setup the delegation workflow in your organization and add delegates to perform actions on your behalf. You can also specify an access end date, past which they will lose their delegate access and you take complete control over your account.

This document will help you learn about:

Setting-up the Delegation Workflow

You can setup the delegation workflow in your organization by following the steps below.

Adding a Delegate

The first step in setting-up the delegation workflow is to add a new delegate to whom you can delegate all your tasks. Please note that you can add only one delegate for yourself, but you can be a delegate to any number of users. To add a delegate:


Add Delegate in Zoho Expense

Set access expiry for Delegation

Note: If you do not specify an end date, the date will be set as indefinite, i.e., the delegate will have access until you revoke it manually.
Currently, the access type is restricted to Submit Access where the delegate can only create and submit expense reports. 

Editing or Deleting a Delegate

Once you have added a delegate, you can also choose to edit your delegate or delete them based on your preference. To do so:

Edit delegate access in Zoho Expense

Delegate’s View

The Delegate’s View in Zoho Expense refers to what the delegatee(the person to whom tasks are delegated) can see in the delegator’s (the person who delegates) account. Once a user has been added as a delegate, they can switch from their view to the delegate view by following the steps given below:

Delegate's view

Switch to your view from profile

Abilities of a delegate

Once you have added a delegate and setup the workflow, the delegate can start performing actions on your behalf. Let’s see in detail what are the abilities of a delegate when he is given the Submit Access.

What are the modules that a delegate can view?

The delegates will be able to view and access the following modules:

What are the abilities of a delegate?

A delegate can usually view all transactions added by them and can’t view the transactions in the approved and reimbursed status that are added by the delegator. The following table explains the actions that can be performed by a delegate:

Module Action View
Receipt Inbox Upload reciepts and convert them to expenses. 1. Unreported Reciepts added by the delegator.
2. All reciepts uploaded by the delegate.
Expenses Create new expenses and add them to reports. 1. Expenses created by the delegator in the Unreported, Unsubmitted, Submitted and Rejected status.
2. Expenses in all statuses created by the delegate.
Reports  Create and submit reports. 1. Reports created by the delegator in the Draft, Submitted, Rejected and Recalled status.
2. Reports in all statuses created by the delegate.
Cards  Categorize and match transactions. 1. All corporate cards associated to the user.
Advance Payments Record or request advance payments 1. Unreported advance payments requested by the delegator.
2. All advance payments raised by the delegate.

Note: Currently , delegates can only create and submit expense reports. We do have plans to provide approval access to delegates.

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