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Basics Of SalesIQ

SalesIQ serves as a business platform between you and your website visitors. Tracking and engaging the website visitors plays a key role in Online business. SalesIQ can help you to convert your website visitors into customers in few simple steps. In this section, you can learn the basic functions of SalesIQ like, how to track your website visitors, interact with them in real time and to gather the visitor information.

Track Your Website Visitors

Getting the SalesIQ code on your website will enable the visitor tracking. You can now track all the visitors visiting your website in your SalesIQ Dashboard.

The SalesIQ dashboard consist of two different views, they are:

  • Rings View
  • List View

Rings View

  • You can view your website visitors country flag, Name/Random ID, Action and time in the Rings of your SalesIq dashboard.
  • If the website visitors don't fall into the customized category, then they will appear as stars outside the rings.

List View

  • In list view, the visitors will be listed based on the customized rule.
  • You can view the visitors Name/RandomID, Flag, Time Spent on website, Source to visit the website and Landing page/Chat status.
  • The Cold visitors tab lists the visitors who don't fall into the customized category.

How to Answer the Chat?

When the visitor initiates a chat, the chat request will pop-up mentioning the visitors Name/Random ID and Question. Click on the Accept button to answer the chat.

The Chat Window

Now that you have answered your test-incoming request, we want you to take this time to familiarize yourself with the Zoho SalesIQ chat window within the dashboard, and the powerful tools you can use during live chats with your customers.

  1. At the top of the dashboard, you will see the visitor's name displayed if the visitor's name is not identified then the visitors random ID will be displayed. Chat window is designed to allow you to chat with multiple visitors at once, in one organized placed, with separate chats popping into tabs.
  2. Below you will see the chat area, which displays the visitors question as the heading, with the time the chat started, the visitors' Name and E-mail displayed below. As the chat continues, the conversation between you and the visitor will be displayed in this window, alongside their display name.
  3. To begin chatting or reply to your visitor, simply start typing. Navigate below the chat window to see your messages as you type in the editing box, where you can format your text. When you have readied your message to your visitor, hit enter, and the message will be sent directly to your customer and displayed above in the chat window.
  4. The Visitor's Info opens on the right side of the tab.
  5. If the visitor has a chat history, then the visitor's Recent Chats will be available under the Recent Chat tab.

End the Chat

Once the chat conversation is wrapped up, you can hit “End Session” icon on the chat window and then “End Immediate” or select any of your required "End timer" to End the current chat.  

Visitor's History

You can view more information about the visitors visiting your website on the Visitor History tab. You can also see visitor's Info like Name, Email, Contact No., Visit history, Visitor's Action on your website, Interested pages in the visitor history tab.


The visitor info like Name, Email, etc. can be viewed if the visitor registers the details. If not, the user will be listed using the random ID.

To view more in-depth information about a particular visitor, click on the Visitor Name. The visitor details page will then appear. The expanded view will give you the insight of each visitor.

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