With Cards being an essential part of our day to day transactions, connecting them to Zoho Expense makes expense reporting further easier for you. In this section, you will learn how to add your Corporate/credit/debit card, manage your transactions and how to convert them into expenses.

Assigning Corporate cards

As an admin, you can assign Corporate cards to the employees. Employees can also add Corporate cards on their own. The admin will have an unrestricted view of all the transactions, but will not be able to edit or convert them into expenses.

Lets see how that’s done:

  1. Go to Corporate Cards section under Settings.
  2. Look for the bank account that issues Corporate cards for your employees. Choose Corporate card
  3. Go to the Login URL mentioned on the top of the page and verify the login ID and the password.
  4. Once that’s done, enter your credentials in Zoho Expense.
    Submit credentials
  5. Select the cards and assign employees to each card. Assign cards
  6. Choose the date from when you would like to download the transaction history. You can download up to 90 days of transaction history.
    Assign cards
  7. Select a currency for these transactions and click on Continue Assign cards
  • By doing so, the Corporate cards will be automatically added to the Cards section of the employees' account. Assign cards
  • Admin users can view the Corporate card transaction of all the employees. This aids the reconciliation process.

Adding Personal/Corporate card

Employees can add their personal/corporate cards to Zoho Expense. To do that:

  1. Click on the Cards section on the left sidebar.
  2. Click on the + Add Card dropdown on the top right corner of the page. Add Card
  3. Find your corporate/credit card/debit card. Find Credit Card
  4. Go to the Login URL mentioned on the top of the page and verify the login ID and the password.
  5. Once that’s done, enter your credentials in Zoho Expense. Enter Card Credentials

Adding cards manually

If you do not find your card in the given list, you can add the card manually and import the statement into Zoho Expense.

To do that:

  1. Navigate to the Cards section. Admins can do it from the Settings > Corporate Cards section.
  2. Click on the + Add Card drop-down on the top right corner. Admins can click on the Add Corporate Card option in the Corporate Cards page. Adding card manually
  3. Click on Import your feeds manually.
  4. In the page that follows, you will be asked the following:
    • Card Type: Choose whether the card is a Credit or a Debit card.
    • Card Name: Provide a name for the card. This name will be displayed in the transaction pages
    • Currency: Select the currency in which the card transactions are handled. Adding card info manually
  5. Click on Save
  6. You can now import the card statement for this card to create expenses.

Creating expenses from the statement lines

Employees can convert their transactions into expenses by performing the following steps. The Corporate card expenses thus created will be non-reimbursable (Goes without saying!)

  1. Go to the Cards section on the left hand sidebar of the dashboard. Choose card
  2. Choose the Corporate/credit/debit card for which you want to create the expense.
  3. Click on the transaction you would like to convert into an expense. You will see a list of expenses that match the selected transaction. Convert to expense
  4. You can match an existing expense with your card transaction, thus avoiding double entry.
  5. If you do not find a matching expense from the list of expenses, you can create an expense by clicking on Add Manually button. Merge with expense
  6. You can also create expenses from the Expenses section. Convert to expense
  7. It is possible to exclude transaction from your personal card statement, but not from your corporate card statement since all the transactions are related to the organization.
  • While creating an expense from the transaction, you can modify the expense amount. However, the expense amount should not be greater than the transaction amount.

Other options

Importing statements:

Employees can import the statement for their cards (both corporate and personal). For corporate cards, Admins also can import the statements for their employees.

  1. Go to the Corporate/Personal card for which you want to import the statements.
  2. Click on the Gear icon on top of the list and click on Import Statement. Importing statement
  3. Upload the file in one of the following formats
    • CSV
    • TSV
    • OFX
    • QIF
    • CAMT.053 format
  4. Click Next Importing statement
  5. Map the fields from your uploaded file and Click Next. Importing statement
  6. Click Import to import the card statement onto your Expense account. Importing statement

Bank Feeds

On adding your card from the list, bank feeds will be fetched automatically.

Any changes made to the Login credentials of the card should be updated in Zoho Expense at the earliest since it affects the feeds. Click on the Update credentials for uninterrupted fetching of feeds.

To view the latest transactions, Click Refresh feeds. This will update your account. It can be done only once in a day.

Bank feeds can also be deactivated.

Admins/Employees should perform the following steps if they wish to make any of the changes mentioned above for Corporate/Personal cards.

Bank feeds

  • Go to the added card and Click on Update credentials to update login information, Refresh feeds to update your bank feeds, Deactivate feeds to deactivate the automatic feeds, from the Settings drop-down.
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