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Why become a
Zoho Consulting Partner


Gain opportunities across markets and industries

Modern businesses look for product solutions that are custom-built with integration and automation capabilities to address their unique needs. With Zoho applications and our partner program, you gain access to extensive opportunities to deliver the needed value to your customers, irrespective of their size or industry.


Become a true solution provider

Customers seek more than just a product; they look for relevant and customized solutions to their business problems. Zoho’s products put customer needs and user adoption as their top priorities. As a Consulting partner, you can contribute value throughout the customer journey, from the initial consultation to product implementation, user education, and post-implementation support.


Build advanced capabilities for  + Zoho products

Bring your industry experience to Zoho’s extensive product suite, and create advanced capabilities that improve customers’ experiences. Attract attention to your solutions by distinguishing yourself as a certified Zoho Partner, and grow your business by consistently contributing to your customers’ success.

Partner program specializations

Use your industry knowledge, service expertise, and available resources to tailor Zoho solutions to customer-specific needs or develop resources for products within our suite. Our Consulting Partner Program encourages specialization in the following areas:

Sales and Marketing


CRM Plus

CRM and Sales Management

Learn More


Email Marketing Automation

Learn More


CRO and Personalization Platform

Learn More


CRM for small and micro businesses

Learn More


Ecommerce/ Web Developement

Learn More

Customer Support and Service



HelpDesk Software Consulting

Learn More


Website Live Chat

Learn More


Remote Access Support

Learn More

Finance and Accounting


Finance Plus

Finance and Accounting

Learn More

Business Email and Collaboration Tools



Business Emails and Collaboration Tools

Learn More

Human Resource Management and System


Recruit + People

Cloud based HRMS

Learn More

Developer Platforms



Custom App Development

Learn More

BI & Analytics



Business Intelligence and Analytics

Learn More

Project Management



Project Management

Learn More

Eligibility and application process

Your business should meet the following criteria

You must possess:

  • A valid registration and a website that accurately represents your service offerings in your region of interest
  • Demonstrated experience selling and implementing SaaS applications in a similar category
  • A dedicated team of sales and technical experts to handle your Zoho business
  • An established customer base in the region of preference and proven ability to generate demand

Note: You are not eligible to apply for this program if you are already a Zoho Affiliate. You cannot be involved in more than one type of partnership simultaneously.

  • Apply to the Partner Program
  • Application evaluation
  • Sign the Partner Agreement
  • Partner onboarding
  • Start selling Zoho products
Step 1

Apply to the Partner Program

Fill out the application form on the Zoho Partner Program website. Provide information about your business, such as its size, location, website address, and area of expertise. Please be sure to provide information about the services you offer and your target market.

Step 2

Application evaluation

A partner recruitment manager will evaluate your application and connect with you to collect further details and complete the evaluation.

Step 3

Sign the Partner Agreement

Once your application is accepted, you must sign the Zoho Partner Agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership.

Step 4

Partner onboarding

Your Partner account manager will guide you through the onboarding process by introducing Zoho's product suite, providing applicable sales and marketing training, establishing joint objectives, and developing a plan to achieve them.

Step 5

Start selling Zoho products

Once you become a Zoho Partner, you will have access to a range of resources, including training, marketing materials, and support. Use these resources to start selling Zoho products to your customers.

*Consulting Partner application evaluation could include, but is not limited to, the above criteria.

Partner privileges

Partner Portal


Easily access all your sales and marketing tools and training resources in a central hub designed specifically for Partners.

Demo account

Receive demo accounts for testing, evaluation, POC, and demonstration purposes. The number of demo licenses/accounts you receive depends on your Partner tier You can set up and manage your demo accounts from your Partner Store.

Manage customers

Map your customers, manage their subscriptions, initiate commissions, view reports, activate demo accounts, and do much more from our exclusive online application.

Partner Directory


Enhance your visibility and credibility with a Consulting Partner listing in our directory. *Subject to revenue performance.

Partner badge

Establish credibility by displaying your tier-specific badge on your website, in emails, and on other materials. *Subject to tier.

Partner blogs


Gain valuable insights and stay informed about the latest trends and developments in your areas of interest.

Training and certification


Empower your sales and technical teams to excel across Zoho products with our extensive on-site and online training programs and certifications.

Partner webinars


Experience our interactive webinars, where you'll learn about marketing strategies, effective product implementations, and more.


Inspire is our annual Partner summit that happens at different geo regions. Designed to empower Zoho Partners and celebrate their journeys, this event serves as a knowledge-sharing and networking platform for global partners, industry leaders, and Zoho experts.

Unveiling the Future of Business

Unveiling the future of business

Zoho Inspire creates the possibility to bring industry leaders, Zoho experts, and passionate partners at one place. This event brings the future of business to life through thought leadership and by showcasing the latest innovations and roadmaps of Zoho products.

Collaboration Redefined

Learning & collaboration, redefined

Inspire isn’t just about products. It’s an opportunity for knowledge sharing and collaboration. Partners immerse themselves in insightful sessions, network with fellow business enthusiasts, and discover new ways to streamline operations.

Celebrating Success

Celebration success & building together

Partners are inspired by the success stories of top Zoho partners and uncover the secrets to their achievements. Zoho Inspire fosters a spirit of community, enabling better connections within the Zoho ecosystem and cultivating lasting relationships that drive mutual success.

Frequently asked questions

I am interested in the Zoho Consulting Partner Program. How do I get started?

To begin the process, please sign up here . A representative from our partner recruitment team will review your application and reach out to you as soon as possible.

Does it cost me anything to become a Zoho Consulting Partner?

No, the Partner Program at Zoho is free to join.

Am I eligible to participate in this program?

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria outlined above, or if you are an existing Zoho Partner, you cannot apply for this program.

Can I participate in multiple Zoho Partner Programs simultaneously?

Can I participate in multiple Zoho Partner Programs simultaneously? An active Zoho Consulting Partner cannot sign up as a Zoho Affiliate. Likewise, an active Zoho Affiliate cannot become a Zoho Consulting Partner.

However, there are no restrictions on a Consulting Partner simultaneously participating in the Zoho Marketplace Partner Program or Partner Programs for other subsidiaries of Zoho Corp: Trainer Central, QNTRL, ManageEngine, GoFrugal, or Zakya.

Do I need to sign an agreement to become a Zoho Consulting Partner?

Every Zoho Consulting Partner is required to agree to the terms and conditions of the program and sign Zoho's Partnership Agreement.

How is a Zoho Consulting Partner different from a reseller?

A reseller may not have implementation or solution consulting capabilities. At Zoho, our Consulting Partners are expected to add value to Zoho product sales through presales, consulting, product implementation, user training, and post-sales support.

My business serves customers in multiple geographic regions. Do I need to sign up for the Partner Program in each country?

No, you are not required to sign up separately for each country. Sign up once, and your Partner account manager will discuss our region-specific policies with you.

How do customers find Partners to work with?

Customers can find Partners to work with from the Partner directory on our website: Find a partner

Does Zoho provide complimentary and demo accounts for Partners?

Zoho offers complimentary accounts to Partners for customer demos and internal training. The total number of licenses available depends on the Partner's tier level.

Does Zoho offer training/certifications to its Partners?

Our training team offers extensive, online interactive and self-service product training to Partners across products. Our training resources are available to all our Partners.

How can I access Zoho's marketing and sales materials for Partners?

Partners can access all sales, marketing, training, and branding resources from the Partner Portal. Access the Zoho Partner Portal.

How can I get listed in the Zoho Partner directory?

If a Partner meets the required revenue benchmark and provides all relevant data for the listing, they will be listed in the Partner directory.

What kind of support does Zoho offer to Partners?

We have a dedicated Partner Operations team to address non-technical issues and a dedicated Partner Support team to address technical issues.

Does Zoho provide support to help Partners close high-value deals?

Yes. We work with Partners and encourage them to use Zoho teams and resources when engaging larger customers. We readily provide technical and marketing support to help Partners close high-value deals.

Does Zoho provide post-sales support to Partners?

Yes. Zoho has a dedicated Partner support channel for both Partner support and Partner customer support.

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