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Partner with us to grow your business and become part of our community of consultants who help organizations supercharge their visitor engagement, grow their customer base, and forge lasting relationships with customers.

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Zoho SalesIQ

Why Zoho SalesIQ?

Zoho SalesIQ is 360-degree customer engagement platform that helps businesses communicate with visitors from the start of the buyer journey till the very end. It's the only tool you need for your sales, marketing, and support activities.

Live chat—an easy touchpoint

With Zoho SalesIQ, businesses can open a gateway for customers to get in touch with them in a single click. Addressing pain points quickly means businesses close deals faster and retain customers by delivering exceptional service.

Website visitor tracking

Zoho SalesIQ enables companies to understand in real time who their visitors are, their geo-location, who referred them, and how they're interacting with the website.

AI-powered chatbots

Customer support and engagement can be automated by building bots using our enterprise-ready, low-code bot builder, Zobot. It supports major AI assistants like IBM Watson, Dialogflow, and Zia. Also, Autopilot lets you leverage the power of two of our most powerful bots—Answer bot and Zobot.

Proactive chat triggers

Companies can target high value potentials at the right time by using intelligent triggers to start conversations with them on high-converting pages like contact us, schedule demo, or pricing.

IM Channels

Connect your business's Facebook page, Instagram profile, and Telegram and Whatsapp accounts with Zoho SalesIQ to assist customers on their preferred channels. Bring all your customer communication into a single dashboard and save time usually spent switching between apps.

Businesses can integrate Zoho SalesIQ with their favorite apps

More Integrations

How can you help businesses?

You can help your clients evaluate the product, provide product training, help them implement it, customize it according to their needs, or even integrate Zoho SalesIQ with their existing tech stack.

You can also help them build chat bots for specific use cases, create customized solutions using our APIs and SDKs, or even use it to extend your product to solve bigger customer needs.

Zoho SalesIQ
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What does Zoho offer partners?

  • Lucrative commission structures
  • Go-to-market and enablement resources
  • Early access to product releases and resources
  • In-depth product training and certifications
  • Priority Partner support
  • Access to Zoholics, and Partner Inspire events and meetups
  • Dedicated Partner Account Manager (PAM) support as you progress in the partnership*
  • Listing of your company on Zoho's Partner Directory

Partners earn PAM Support and Partner Directory listing benefits as they progress in the partnership and meet revenue and tier goals.

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How to become a partner?

Submit your partnership application form

Get connected with a Zoho Partner Expert for evaluation

Sign the Partnership Agreement

Complete the Partner Onboarding course, and set up your partner portal for managing your customers

Boast about your Zoho Partnership on your website and work with your PAM to go to market successfully!

Ready to partner with Zoho SalesIQ?

Join us on this journey to build and implement groundbreaking solutions and create superior customer experiences.