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Analytics provides a clear picture of the organisation’s business expenditures. It is broadly classified into seven categories:

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Each category has several variants of reports that provides insight from multiple perspectives.

Given below are the list of topics that are discussed in this page.

Note: Unsubmitted reports will not be considered while running the analytics.

Expense-based Analytics

This category consists of different types of business expenditure reports such as:

Reports-based Analytics

The variants of reports-based reports are:

Tax-based Analytics

Tax based analytics is accessible only to admin users. It has the following report(s):

Reimbursements-based Analytics

Only Admins can view the analytics based on Reimbursement. It is divided into:

Corporate Cards-based Analytics

Only Admins can view the Corporate Cards-based analytics. 

Trips-based Analytics

Activity-based Analytics

Activity logs

Provides a comprehensive list of activities that are associated with every expense entry and expense report. Activity logs report  

Customising an Analytic report

Zoho Expense allows you to customise analytic reports to get an understanding of your business expenditures.

To customise:

Customize analytic report

Exporting an Analytic report

In Zoho Expense, you can export your analytic report with password protection in PDF, CSV, XLS or XLSX format.

To export analytic reports:

Export analytic report Password Protection

You can also export your analytic report to Zoho Sheet. To export:

Scheduling an Analytic report

You can schedule the analytical reports to be sent periodically as an email to multiple users at a time.

To schedule:

Scheduling Analytic Report
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