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Zoho Expense handles your online expense management by simplifying your expenses, approvals, and reimbursements. It works for employees, managers, and travel teams.

Expense Management Software - Zoho Expense

What makes Zoho Expense the best
expense management solution?

Autoscan Expense Receipts - Zoho Expense

Expense autoscan

Zoho Expense's autoscan feature helps you add expenses quickly using automation. All you have to do is take a picture of your receipt, and an expense will be created.

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Expense Receipts Storage - Zoho Expense

Expense receipt storage

If your organization requires receipts to be attached with expenses, submitting is simpler with Zoho Expense. You can attach a digital copy of your receipt along with your expense.

Receipts in Zoho Expense →

Manage Expense Reports - Zoho Expense

Expense report management

Don't get overwhelmed by individual expense entries. Consolidate your expenses by date or type, add them to a unified expense report, and submit it in one easy package for approvers.

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Customize Expense Approval Flows - Zoho Expense

Expense approvals

Approval in Zoho Expense is a cinch. Custom policies ensure that expense reports are submitted to the appropriate person based on the policy, or automatically approved or rejected if they meet the right criteria.

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Expense Management Analytics - Zoho Expense

Expense analytics

All members of an organization can view analytic reports about their expenses and policy violations, while admins are privy to additional reports regarding the organization's expenses.

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Expense Reimbursement Management - Zoho Expense

Expense reimbursement

Expense reports that have been reimbursed offline can be marked as reimbursed in Zoho Expense. The submitter will also receive a notification when reimbursement is initiated.

Reimbursements in Zoho Expense →

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Integrations to transform your online expense management

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Expense Management Apps - Zoho Expense

Expense management apps for the road

Zoho Expense has apps for iOS and Android mobile environments to bring expense management everywhere you go.

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