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Easy receipt scanner app to automate your expense processing on the go

Zoho Expense flawlessly turns receipts into expenses, enabling you to save time and do more.

Accurate. Simple. No extra cost.

Receipt Scanner App

How does Zoho's receipt scanner app ease your receipt management?

Receipt scanner app that travels with you

Travels with you

No pens. No paper. No problem. With the Zoho Expense receipt scanner app in your pocket, a quick photo of your receipt is all you need to generate an auto-filled expense entry.

Duplicate detection

Detects duplicates

Don't worry if you auto-scan the same receipt twice. Zoho Expense automatically compares dates, amounts, and currencies of all expense entries, and notifies you when there's a possible duplicate.

Smart Receipt scanner app scanning

Gets smarter

Receipt scanning with Zoho Expense gets better and smarter over time. When you scan a receipt from a merchant, and tag it to its relevant category, Zoho Expense will identify the merchant automatically the next time, saving you the trouble of re-entering details.

Avoid receipt loss or damage

Prevents loss of receipts

Lost or damaged receipts shouldn't hold you back from getting reimbursed. Get the receipt scanned as soon as you incur an expense, and it will be attached to the expense in Zoho Expense.

Manage receipts efficiently

Manages receipts from your inbox

Zoho's receipt scanner app can also convert your e-receipts into expenses. Forward your receipts from your mailbox to your unique Zoho Expense receipt forwarding address and find them automatically created as expenses.

Zoho Expense app for Iphone
Zoho Expense app for Android-phone

Flawless receipt scanning with our mobile apps

Zoho Expense's receipt scanner app imports and converts receipts to professional expenses with all the information your employer needs to review your claim.

Not just receipt scanning, you can automate your entire expense reporting with Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense Overview

Our customers love the automated receipt scanning

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Matt Kruszewski
Cruise Planners
The convenience of the app and automated expense recording has made it easier and faster for team members to submit expenses.
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