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As we've arrived in the year 2023, let's take a moment to review Zoho Expense's significant feature releases and accomplishments over the past year. Go through the list and adopt your favorite ones if you haven't already.

Important Updates on the Web App

Traveler profile to accelerate bookings
Once you enable this, employees must create a travel profile before raising trip requests so the travel desk can use these details to initiate the booking process.
One trip request for multiple travelers
(Available On Demand)
If you're traveling as a group for a business meeting, one person can create a trip, and others can associate their expense reports with it.
Microsoft Edge extension to upload receipts easily
Besides the Google Chrome extension, we've now introduced the Microsoft Edge extension to help you upload receipts. Download the extension, clip, and send receipts from the browser's web pages to Zoho Expense directly for autoscanning.
Split expenses within reports
Split an expense into multiple expenses by days or amounts from within a report. The resulting split expenses will be automatically associated to the report.
Expense details for receipts in report PDFs
No more searching for expense details of a receipt in a downloaded report. View your expense details right above the receipts in report PDFs.
Automate report creation for trips
(Available On Demand)
Automate reporting for business travel expenses. Configure when you want to auto-create an expense report for a trip.
Autoscan from within reports
(Available On Demand)
Now upload expense receipts from reports so they will be autoscanned and added to your report as expenses automatically.
Direct feeds from HSBC and UBS
Reporting your HSBC and UBS card expenses is now easy as Zoho Expense fetches the card feeds to automatically create expenses.
Card feeds via Plaid
We've joined hands with Plaid to seamlessly fetch your card feeds from your banks into Zoho Expense—no more importing statements manually!
Set up approvers based on their designation
When you set up a custom approval flow, you can now choose approvers in a user's hierarchy based on the designation assigned to them.
Chatlet for contextual collaboration
Introducing contextual chats in Zoho Expense! If an approver or an admin wants to discuss a trip or a report with a submitter, they can simply create a discussion from inside a record and add the participants.
Navigate easily through records in Approvals
Quickly navigate through records awaiting your approval in the Approvals module, as the list of records pending approval will now be displayed next to the details of the record you're approving.
Per Diem for Germany and Poland
(Available On Demand)
We've now supported per diem creation based on German and Poland government laws. Record per diem expenses for multiple locations at a time.
Budget alerts
(Available On Demand)
Stay on top of employees' expense budgets by setting up alerts. Send notifications or block report submissions and approval whenever a percentage of the budget gets exhausted.
Expense count-based rules for expense types
Organize employee expenses efficiently by limiting the number of expenses created under a particular expense type.
Identify overlapping trips
(Available On Demand)
You'll be notified whenever a trip's dates overlap with the travel dates of another trip to help you better plan your business travel.
Electronically Protected Health Information (ePHI)
Any custom field in an expense, report, or trip that bears employees' confidential health information can be encrypted and stored in Zoho Expense by marking it as ePHI.
OAuth authenticated webhooks using connections
If your webhook's URL requires OAuth authentication, set it up using Connections. First, create a connection with its Authentication Type set to OAuth. Next, when you create a webhook, set the Authentication Type as Connections, and select the connection.
Visit our What's New timeline to view a date-wise record of all the features that were introduced

Top Integrations of This Year

Send your employees' reimbursements directly to their bank accounts by configuring your HSBC account in Zoho Expense (India edition).
Automatically send all your approved expense reports to Sage Accounting and get them posted to your books for accounting in time.
Reclaiming your VAT is now easier. Auto-sync your reimbursed reports with WAY2VAT and analyse if your business expenses are eligible for VAT reclaims.
Every time an employee takes a ride through Bolt Business, the ride receipts will be sent to Zoho Expense and expenses will be created for that employee automatically.

New Editions

In addition to the existing editions, we've now supported Zoho Expense for the following business locations by complying with their government's tax laws. You could also access the application in the native languages if you'd like.
New Editions

iOS App Updates

To track your location more accurately, we've made major improvements in performance.
Live weather updates
Plan your travel efficiently by viewing the weather conditions for your travel dates.
Record per diem expenses in bulk. You can also record per diem for daily trips to the same location.
Zoho Expense is iOS 16 ready!
Lock screen widgets
Set up widgets and perform actions directly from your lock screen.
Using Share extension, share your expense receipts from other apps to Zoho Expense quickly.
App intents
Command Siri to create a report or upload a receipt for you.

Android App Updates

Track your mileage more accurately with GPS as we've made major performance enhancements.
Record multiple per diem expenses at a time. Support to record per diem for Germany and Poland based on their country laws.
Zoho Expense has been optimized to be fully compatible for Android 12.
Enable Advanced Receipt Scan and scan your receipts swiftly. That's not all, this option also fetches line item details for itemized receipts.
Upload up to five receipts at a time for autoscan from third-party applications.
Approvers can now view pending approvals from their Dashboard.


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Puma has been using Zoho Expense in Oceania for over 3 years and our users have found the web interface and the phone apps to be feature rich and always improving.The look and feel is modern and pleasing to the eye. Puma has recently expanded the usage of Zoho Expense to multiple new regions around the globe, and throughout, the Zoho team has been extremely supportive to the unique requirements of each region and helped to make the onboarding experience painless.

Mark Hawkins

Director, Operations PUMA SEA

We started using Zoho Expense across our whole IFFCO group for Travel and Expense Management as one of the key aspects to keep control on spends. It was a challenge to manage employee spend and expense reporting across our multiple office locations with disparate solutions. We found Zoho Expense as a very powerful and flexible tool which allows us to accommodate many different expense policies and compliances in respect to many different countries' regulations.

Jaroslaw Pietraszko

Director ERP & Digital Transformation, IFFCO Group

The Zoho Expense team has provided us with the best features—especially the receipt auto-scan, which eases our expense reporting journey with its mobile functionality. Our employees use Zoho Expense and its features extensively, particularly the mobile app. Above all, with the Zoho Analytics integration, we always get the insights we need with multiple dashboards to analyze our business spend. We’re one of those happy customers who are looking forward to seeing many new features and integrations within the application.

Amit Rai

CHRO, Tata Play Fiber

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