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How to setup department based e-mail Settings?

  • In Settings -> Department section, scroll down to the E-mail configuration section.
  • For each configuration, click the e-mail address field to edit the specific address. Or click the check mark icon on the right of each section, to disable a specific e-mail configuration:
    1. From Mail Address - the e-mail address that you would like to reply from
    2. Chat Transcript - Distribute complete transcripts of your live chats to a specified e-mail address when each chat session is completed.
    3. Send a notification email when operators block IP addresses - Receive an e-mail alert when an agent blocks an IP address from initiating live chats.
    4. Visitor Feedback - Deliver the feedback your customers leave about your operator to a specified e-mail address.
    5. Missed Visitor Notifications – Notify a specific e-mail address, when a customer’s live chat request is unanswered.
    6. E-mail Copier - Define an e-mail address which you want to mark automatically while replying to the visitors.

Note: You can add multiple e-mail addresses to these fields, by adding a comma and then typing the next e-mail address.

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