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Travel Request (Beta)

If your organization is one that follows a procedure wherein the employees need to submit a detailed request to the company before going on an official trip, the Travel Request feature in Zoho Expense is the solution for you.

Zoho Expense enables you to submit a travel request for pre-approval with information such as the duration, business purpose and trip itinerary. Once your travel request is approved, your travel itinerary can be accessed by your travel desk. After your travel desk has completed the booking process, they can update the travel request with the flight booking, hotel and other reservations.  

Request access to the trips feature

If you want to enable the Travel Request (Trips) feature for your organization, email us at and we will enable it for you.

After you have enabled the Trips feature, you will be able to raise a trip request. This help guide will walk you through all the actions related to raising a trip request.

Raise a travel request

Before you go on an official trip, your organization might require you to submit a detailed travel request. A travel request will include details such as the purpose of your trip, the destination, duration and the itinerary. This section will show you how to raise a detailed travel request for approval.

Once the Trips module is enabled, you can start creating travel requests. 

Raise Travel Request Trip Itinerary

Field Description  

Let us look at the definitions of the different fields available in a trip request form:

Field Name Description
Trip Number  This is the number given to your trip request. The prefix and the starting number can be configured from the Trips Preferences section.
Travel Type You can specify if the travel is Domestic or International.
Destination Country Here, you can select the primary country where you will be travelling to for your trip.
Is Visa required? This field will be displayed if it is an International trip, and should be enabled only when the company helps the employees with the Visa acquiring process. You can mention whether the destination city requires a Visa or not.
Business Purpose Many organizations mandate that the purpose of the trip is mentioned in the request. You can make use of this field to mention the reason for the trip.
Customer If you are embarking on the trip for a particular customer, you can select them.
Project name Select the project for which you would be travelling.
Comments You can add additional information as comments to your trip request.
Budget amount Your organization may ask the budget for your trip beforehand. If your trip has a stipulated budget associated to it, that can be added here. You can also change the currency for the budget amount depending on the country you are travelling to.
Other travellers If you have any other travellers travelling with you, you can add them here.
Flight Reservations You can enter details like the departure dates, from and to city names and a short description to book a flight for your trip.
Meal preference If you have any preference for your meals, you can choose from the options provided.
Seat preference If you want a particular type of seat, that can be mentioned here.
Hotel Reservations In this section, you can mention the location and duration for which you will require Hotel reservations.
Car Rentals If you wish to rent a car, you can mention the relevant details such as departure dates, arrival dates, from and to city names and a short description under this section.
Others You can mention details such as departure dates, from and to city names, travel mode and a short description to book tickets for travel using bus or train.
Personal If you are going to make a personal side trip, check this option.

Various stages of trips

Based on the status of your trip request, it will bear any of the following labels:

Label Description
Draft If you have not yet submitted your travel request for approval, it will be marked as a draft.
Submitted Trip requests that are awaiting approval will bear this label.
Approved Trip requests that have been authorized by your approver will bear this label.
Rejected Trip requests that have been declined by your approver will bear this label.
Cancelled If you wish to call off a trip, you can do so by cancelling a trip request.
Closed Once your trip and all the processes associated with it are completed, you can close your trip request.

Add additional stages for your trips 

After a trip has been approved or submitted, there may be other processes that might call for a need for other labels for your organization’s trips. You can add additional custom statuses such as Ticket booking in process, Hotel tickets issued etc,. By using the Trip Custom Status option, you can call your trip statuses with names as you please.

To setup custom statuses for your trips,

Approval process for your travel request

Your travel requests will follow the hierarchical approval flow of your organization. However, if you’ve enabled Custom Approval, the approval process should be set up separately for trip requests. Using Custom Approvals, you can either configure approver levels or allow the system to auto-approve/reject the reports. Click here to learn how to set up custom approval. Users can find the trip requests that are awaiting approval under the Trips Approval module in the left sidebar.

Travel Advances

Before you go on your official trip, you may require an advance payment for your expenses during the trip. After your travel request has been approved, you will be able to request an advance for your travel. If you incur your expenses in a foreign country, you can request an advance payment in that currency. If you require advance payments in multiple currencies, you can request for multiple advance payments, each request for a different currency.

Request advance payment for your trip

After a trip has been approved, employees can request an advance payment for their trip.

Record Advances

Record Travel allowances for your employees

Your organization might have set policies for allocating allowances based on the country and the duration of the travel. For such cases, admins can record advance payments for their employees’ trips request after the trip request has been approved.

Auto-create advance payments based on the trip’s budget amount

Admins can also choose to auto-create an advance payment for employees based on the trip’s budget amount and associate the advance payment with the trip when it is approved.

Extend your travel duration

If situations arise wherein you might have to extend the duration of the trip or make a side trip, the update option will help you do just that. To extend your trip:

Note: Updating the trip request will not send it for approval again. However, you can create a new workflow such that the approver will be notified of the change, via an email or as an in-app notification.

Once you extend your travel duration, your trip allowance will be automatically updated.

Update Trip request

Request for additional amount during the trip

If you require additional amount while you are on a trip, you can do so by requesting for advance payments from your approved trip request.

Record Advances

Report the expenses incurred during the trip

After your trip, you can add all your trip related expenses to your trip request. You can do so by creating new reports under your trip request. Once you do that, you can start adding all your trip related expenses to these reports.

Admin Settings

You can configure the settings related to the trips module such as:

Learn how to configure Trips Preferences.


Automation allows you to create a set of rules based on which successive actions will be triggered. Say, you would like to notify your travel desk via email everytime your trip request is approved. For such cases, you can set up email alerts. Likewise, using automation, you can trigger actions such as timely SMS messages and in-app notifications.

Using automation you will be able to:

Trip Analytics

If you wish to gain insights on your organization’s travel history, you can head over to the Trips Analytics section. In the trips analytics section, you will be able to view the following types of analytics:

To view your trip analytics:

Trip details:

In this section, you will be able to have a list view of all your employees’ trip requests. You can also customize the trip details by setting a date range and filtering them based on various other parameters like the travel type, policies etc,.

Trip Details

Trip stage summary:

If you want to view all the upcoming and ongoing trips of your employees, you can head over to the trip stage summary. Likewise, you can also view the completed and the cancelled trips of your employees.

Trip Stage Summary

Trip summary by report status:

If you would like to view the trip requests that have not yet been submitted for approval, you can do so by clicking the section of unsubmitted reports of the trip summary. Similarly, you can also view the submitted, approved and the reimbursed trip requests.

Trip Summary

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