ICICI Payroll Integration
Zoho Payroll offers one stop salary payments with ICICI Bank
Pay your employees on time with our hassle-free, simple and convenient partnership with ICICI Bank.
Make your banking simple with our banking integrations
Direct deposits made easy
Falling under the weight of that payroll deadline? Thanks to our banking integration with ICICI Bank, you can now initiate payments through direct deposit. You need not switch to the CIB portal of ICICI Bank, nor wait for your employees who have accounts with different banks. Simply set-up a workflow, and go about your day.
Auto update your payment status
Automatically update your payment status in Zoho Books. With banking automation, your payroll transactions are recorded in Books directly, as soon as they occur. Now you can keep detailed ledgers, and stay ready for reconciliation.
Keep control on when you pay employees
With the option to initiate pay or to hold back as yet to pay, you will always have the final say about the cash that moves out of your account for payroll transactions.
Connected banking with ICICI Bank partnership
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